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Addable Mattress Review 2019

Addable Mattress ReviewWriting reviews on the Addable mattress is not an easy job as its manufacturer doesn’t share elaborated information related to their product with customers. Therefore, buying this mattress is a challenge and a sort of risk for the customers.

The information mentioned below regarding Addable may is gathered through personal experience of this mattress and reviews which people shared online and by my friends and family.

The characteristic which makes stand out in comparison to other mattresses is its softness. So the people who prefer to sleep on a soft mattress will definitely consider it their first choice.

Usually, side and stomach sleepers develop back pains after a few nights of sleep on the soft mattresses but to my astonishment, I didn’t develop any kind of back pain after a few nights of use.

The aforementioned experienced helped me realize that although the mattress is constructed soft it provides a good amount of support to the body.

Similarly, the mattresses which have soft construction, sleeping on them is difficult as usual, you might sink into them when you toss and turn. But in the Addable, you will note that sinkage is very minimal due to the presence of the middle HD layer.

So those of us who prefer to sleep ‘in’ the mattress rather than ‘on’ the mattress, then the nice and soft memory foam feel will be a pleasure for them. However, for those who don’t enjoy sinking in the mattress, this mattress is a big no for them as its enveloping feel is not for them.

Addable Mattress Size & Price

Size – 
The spindle is in the business of mattress formation for more than a decade. The reason behind their staying in the business for such a long period is that they never compromise on their set standards of quality and the customer’s satisfaction is always their top priority.

For the comfort of their customers, they keep on evolving their products according to the customer demand and new market trends.

All the mattresses which are being produced by Spindle are of standard sizes like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King. These sizes are designed according to the standard bed sizes which are available in the market.

Price – Similarly, the cost is very reasonable as compared to the luxury which it offers. If the price is compared with other mattresses of another brand, you would be surprised to find out that you are getting the best quality gel memory foam and not just a poly or regular memory foam at a very affordable price which other brands don’t offer.

The verification which you see in the prices of these mattresses is due to mattress density, weight and size.

Please find below the five sizes of mattresses along with their dimensions, height and price range.

1.Twin 37 1/2W” x 74 1/2L” 10″
2.Twin Extra Long (XL) 37 1/2W” 79 1/2L” 10″
3.Full 52 1/2W” x 74 1/2L” 10″
4.Queen 59 1/2W” 79 1/2L” 10″
5.King 75 1/2W” x 79 1/2L” 10″

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

Cover – 
Addable constructor doesn’t ignore minute details. Because of this fact, the cover selection is also made carefully and aesthetically and selected the cloth which further increases the comfort level of the consumer.

So the cloth chosen is the blend of 66% polyester, 30% viscose, and 4% poly/lycra with two-tone purple and white pattern which gives the effect of purity and finesse to the observer.

Another interesting feature of this cover is that it is removable and washable. So whenever you find the cover dirty then you have to just zip off the cover and wash it.

Layers – The top layer of the foam which is called upholstery or comfort layer comprises of two layers i.e. the primary and the secondary layer.

The primary layer consists of 4 PCF gel memory foam with an indentation load deflection (ILD) of 12 which removes heat away from the body; whereas the second layer comprises of 1.8 PCF high-density (HD) Polyurethane foam with an ILD of 20.

Then next comes the turn of core or support layer. The significant role of this layer is that it supports the sleeper’s body and is manufactured from 2.01 PCF high-resilience (HR) Polyurethane foam with an ILD of 36. The high-resilience poly foam also works with the top upholstery or comfort layer to provide transitional support.

Now the third and the last layer comes which is basically the foundation of the bed. In the construction of the third layer for the core support of the bed 6 inches thick poly base foam is added having a density of 2PCF.


If we calculate the firmness on the scale of firmness, then it will fall into the category of medium firm rating like 6 out of 10. The reason behind its firmness is because of the presence of gel memory foam combined with the high-density poly foam.

Combination of these two foams not only provides great support to the body but also makes sleeping comfortably for all sleeping position.

Similarly, all those people who weigh 40-400 lbs are full of praises of this mattress. As it slightly sinks under their weight but then bounces back to its earlier position once they get off of it.

Furthermore, this mattress is not a right choice for someone who is fond of the floor like firmness.

Edges Support

The three layers which are used in the manufacturing of the mattress are strong enough to support the middle and the edges of the mattress.

Therefore the sleepers who sleep near the edge of the bed will be delightful to note that after regular sleeping on the edge these mattress edges don’t roll off.  However,r if any heavy weight person will sit on the edge then it will slightly compress.

Motion Transfer

The Motion transfer  is negligible and tolerate able. This mattress is especially recommended for the light sleepers who wake up from movement.

If they share this mattress with their partner, they won’t feel the partner slight movements resulting in having a sound sleep throughout the night.

Design Modification 

‘Spindle’, the owner of Addable is in the business of mattresses making for a very long time. Earlier they were venturing into the market by providing 100% Latex mattresses but by following the changing trends, two years back they started a new venture from the name of the Addable.

Under the name of Addable, manufacturer brought following modifications in the earlier  made designs like, it is made up of best class gel memory foam, this mattress offer firmness along with comfort, it doesn’t sink deeply, it reduces motion transfer, provide feel of memory foam and you are getting best quality product in a reasonable price.

Warranty Trial Period & Return Policy

The warranty period starts the very same day the mattress is being delivered to your doorstep and lasts for 10 years. During the warranty period, the company is bound to repair or replace the mattress if 1-inch visible compression in the material appeared or if the mattress foam cracks or split.

Furthermore, at the time of warranty adjustment, customer needs to provide an original receipt and the law label from the defective product.

All sizes are shipped compressed, vacuum-sealed and in a box. There are no charges of shipping and the medium used to ship Addable is FedEx Home Delivery services. Mostly the package arrives at your doorsteps within 10-14 business days.

As it is a consumer-friendly brand. So its owner gives its consumer 181 days trial period for all of its mattresses as compared to other brands which mostly gives you 100 days trial period.

This 181 days trial period is extendable up to an additional 40 days and 40 nights. Even then if the consumer doesn’t get satisfied then they have the choice of returning this mattress to the company and can avail 100% refund of their purchase price.

Unfortunately, there are some customers who are mis-using our act of kindness and playing the game of mattresses buying and returning. They are requested in advance not to bother us.

Factors You Must Have To Note While Buying

Following is some of the key strengths which compel customers to buy it without any second thought:

While making a selection of the mattress, customer top preference is always a comfort. Fortunately the moment addable hit the market, it never disappointed its customer’s expectation of comfort.

Another major feature of the addable mattress is that it’s very soft. If you make a comparison of it with other soft mattresses available in the market, you will notice that it is soft to the degree that its softness doesn’t hurt and feel dissatisfactory to the body which other soft mattresses do.

If you are a side sleeper then it offers you the soft firmness but if you are a back and stomach sleeper then it offers you firmness which doesn’t sore your back.

Less Sinkage is another interesting feature. If you sit on it, you will feel that your body sinks in just enough but not to the degree where you feel that your body sinks in a hole.

The non-sinkage of the body in the hole is because of the formation of the middle two layers of HD. These two layers not only provide a good amount of support to the body but also improves your spinal alignment.

The motion transfer is witnessed quite low in an Addable in comparison to other mattresses. So if you are sharing your bed with a partner, then this mattress is an ideal solution for you as you will only feel a bit of motion of your partner but not much.

The top layer is formed of gel foam layer due to which it reduces heat retention and makes sleeping comfortable on it.

The mattress is quite durable due to the presence of high-density foam in it.

The price which it quotes for its customers is very reasonable as compared to the other companies’ mattresses possessing the same properties.

One of the unique characteristics is that it offers you 181 days sleep trial opportunity which is extendable. Once you properly evaluate the mattress and still not feel it according to your expectations then you can return it to the company and enjoy 100% of your purchase price.

Addable mattress, along with affordable price and refund, also offers its customers 10 years warranty period.

Shipping  in the whole USA is free of the cost

Addable Mattress Review – Conclusion

The mattress is a well designed, comfortable and supportive mattress. It’s a good recommendation for those who don’t want to pay an arm and leg for quality materials and manufacturing of mattress.

The addable along with firmness also offers softness. It supports all sleeping positions like sides, stomach and back and especially ensures that spinal alignment doesn’t get disturbed and cause pain.

The mattress is also an ideal for couples as it has less sinkage and limits motion transfer of the sleeper.

Now I hope this review will be quite helpful for you to make the right choice of mattress.

Addable Company Information

Company History: Addable was founded in 2016.
Physical Stores: Addable does not operate any brick-and-mortar stores or showrooms.
Corporate Address:10 Craig Rd. Acton, MA 01720
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: http://www.addable.com/

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