Bear Mattress Review 2019

bear mattress reviewsWhile being an athlete can definitely be one of the most thrilling jobs in the world, the physical exhaustion and strain it brings towards you can make you unhealthy. What is meant to make you fit turns out to be the thing that destroys your health. Trust me, I know, I am an avid tennis player and play for charity in many events.

However, I always end up tired and exhausted. I look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep after a tough day. Imagine my disappointment when I lay down on my bed and I can feel it putting even more stress and strain on my back and neck.

So I went for a search for a mattress that will help my spine heal and will not make my neck and spine stiffer. I, soon, came across the Bear mattress where they vow to help you recover from your daytime’s activities in the night while you sleep. Initially intrigued, I decided to dig deeper.

I found the company made by a team 25 years old whose sole purpose was to serve the customers with an affordable mattress that healed them while they slept.

Bear Mattress Size and Prize

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Availability of sizes becomes a huge problem when it comes to online retail stores, even if they are a named brand in the mattress industry. It can get very frustrating to search for hours on a product that you want to buy, only to find out that they do not have it in the size you want.

However, With it is not the case. I was in awe when I saw that the Bear offered 6 sizes! Most other retail stores, as well as online stores, feature a mere three sizes.

Not only that, the Mattress comes at extremely affordable prices. The mattresses start with a price of $500! If you compared with other mattresses, you will find most mattresses start somewhere around $1000.

The prices of the different sizes are as follows:

SrSize Dimensions Weight  
1.Twin 39 x 75 x 10 inches 50 lbs.
2.Twin XL 39 x 80 x 10 inches 50 lbs.
3.Full 54 x 75 x 10 inches 60 lbs.
4.Queen60 x 80 x 10 inches 70 lbs.
5.King 76 x 80 x 10 inches 90 lbs.
6.California King 72 x 84 x 10 inches 90 lbs.

The Bear makes huge claims of one mattress that fits all, well, they definitely delivered on their promises. The mattresses come in a height of 10 inches which is suitable for most users and their beds.

The secret to the wide range of sizes is that the company only starts making the mattresses once you click the ‘Shop’ button. This ensures your mattresses are fresh from the factory.

 Full Detailed Bear Mattress Review 

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I only recently bought it & I say the mattress has completely transformed my nights and mornings. The mattress delivered true on its claim of providing an amazing recovery for daytime activities while you sleep. This way I woke up fresher and healthier than before.

After being frustrated with my mattress, I decided to give the Bear a try. I quickly went to the website and ordered a King sized mattress for my room. The ordering process was quick and easy and I was excited to receive my new mattress in just 4 days! The movers were professional and handled the mattress in a box with extreme care.

I soon set up my new mattress and was delighted to note that it had no ‘new-mattress’ smell often associated with most other mattresses. The mattress quickly adjusted to my weight and height. The result was a mattress that had the utmost comfort and support!

I never thought a mattress could make such a difference, but the Bear showed me what a huge impact it can have on our lives!

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

It is constructed to provide the user with the utmost support and comfort. The mattresses are constructed from all natural products that make this mattress allergen free and eco-friendly. It is constructed from a unique blend of three layers that each contributes to the different properties of the mattress.

The mattress features a Celliant Technology as well, that ensures the mattress provides you the recovery you need. It makes the mattress efficient not only in providing support and comfort but certain healing factors as well.

 The  Cover is embedded with the Celliant Technology. The technology is essentially a thin fabric that promotes breathability and air flow. The purpose of the Celliant Technology is to aid the human body in recovering from daily activities that tend to put a lot of strain on him.

The material turns the body’s natural heat energy into infrared light. This, in turn, increases blood flow and helps more oxygen to reach your cells for regeneration and repairs.

Layers – First Layer 1.5 inches of memory foam – The first layer is 1.5 inches of memory foam which is infused with graphite. The infused graphite’s main purpose is to provide the body with cooling while it sleeps. It works over a large range of temperatures and ensures proper pressure response across a wide range of temperatures.

Second Layer 1 inch of Response Foam – The 1 inch of Response Foam is Bear proprietaries. The foam has a density of 3 lbs and gives a lot of bounce to the mattress. This layer is essentially responsible for ensuring the user does not feel like sinking into the mattress rather he feels supported by just the right amount of contour.

Third Layer 6.5 inches of Base Foam – The high-density base foam is extremely firm and supports all the layers above as well as the sleeper. This layer is what makes the mattress durable and sturdy.


The boasts of providing users with a mattress that suits everyone’s needs perfectly. The mattress is great for all side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and even back sleepers as it provides users with just the right amount of softness and firmness.

If you cannot figure out which type of firmness you would like or share the bed with a partner that has different firmness preferences than you, then the Bear medium feel mattress is certainly the absolute best for you!

The Medium Version is great for all those users who want a luxury hotel kind of comfort in their mattress. It provides the user with a plush comfortable feel while providing firm support for the support. This version is great for all kinds of sleepers whether they are the stomach, back or side sleepers.

The mattress is great for couples who have different firmness preferences. If you cannot decide whether you would like a softer or firmer mattress, then this mattress version is for you.

Edges Support

The mattress with its 6.5 inches of base poly foam provides a lot of edge support to the user. This is a feature that needs to be considered when you share your bed. One of you might often end up on the edge and if there is no support, the result will someone falling on the floor.

Edge support does not allow the mattress to compress when you lay on the edges. It provides the same kind of support at the edges as it does in the middle. So, if you plan to share your bed, rest easy, you certainly won’t have to roll off the bed with the Bear Mattress.

It provides excellent edge support which makes it easy to sleep at the edge. While lying on the very edge, the mattress shows almost no compression, while when sitting, the compression is very little. This makes it easy to lie down at the edge or sit at the edge.

Motion Transfer

Another feature to consider, when sharing a bed, is motion transfer. You need to look at how much motion any mattress will transfer to the other sides. If you sleep with a partner who is restless at night and tosses and turns a lot, it might disturb you and you might end up awake all night.

The effectively eliminates any motion transfer by properly isolating the movement. There is no motion transferred and you can sleep easily without worrying about your partner’s tossing.

Sleeping Position Suitability

It comes with a somewhat medium firmness that suits all users. If you do not know which type of firmness would suit your sleeping position, here is a small guide:

The Soft version is great for side sleepers or back sleepers as it is soft enough not to dig into your shoulders or hips. The Firm version is for stomach sleepers or back sleepers that need more support and does not want to feel pressure on their stomach or inner organs.

The Medium is truly the best of both worlds. It is for all kinds of sleeping positions and provides the advantages of both the Soft and Firm Versions. This is exactly why the Bear is the best when it comes to sleeping position suitability.

Changes in its Designs

The company was only recently founded and operated by seasoned veterans of the industry like Scott Paladini is relatively new and thus has not seen a lot of changes in its mattress designs.

All we can say is that the mattresses are perfect, to begin with, and generally do not need any changes in its creative and state of the art technology mattress designs.

Warranty, Trial, Return & Shipping 

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The Bear offers 10 years of warranty in case of any defects or damages incurred. The company will gladly exchange any products or repair them in case of any defects that are covered by the warranty section.

The warranty covers any cracking or splitting of the foam or unraveling stitching. It is, however, extended only to the original buyer of the mattress. The warranty does not cover any damages from fires, stains, tears etcetera.

bearmattress.comTrial Period and Return Policy – It provides the users with 100 nights risk-free trial. The company understands it takes a lot of time to adjust to a new mattress no matter how perfect it is. Thus they provide a risk-free trial where you can test out the mattress yourself for 100 nights, after which if you still are unsatisfied, the company will gladly return it without any additional charges. It should be noted that the company never restock or resells the exchanged or returned the mattress.

The team carefully removes the mattress, if you do not like it and then donates it to a charity organization. You do not have to worry about getting someone else’s used mattress when you buy the mattress as they certainly do not restock them.

The donation helps by reducing the impact on the environment as well because it prevents them from being hauled away to a landfill where it might deteriorate and harm the environment.

Shipping & Delivery – The Mattress offers free shipping for the entire US. The company mostly takes 2-3 business days to churn out your fresh mattress and it normally takes 2 more business days to finally reach your home. You do not need to be home to receive the product. You can even set your time of delivery for the mattress to arrive as per your convenience.

The Company offers free sign-ups to the FedEx Delivery Manager. This lets you efficiently track down your order number as well as set up a specific date for delivery. The Bear company does the ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, however, that includes very minimal shipping fees. The company ships to Canada as well and has a special section dedicated to it.

Bear Mattress for Side and Stomach Sleepers

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The ones who suffer the most from wrong postures or the wrong feel mattress are stomach and side sleepers. Side sleepers are very sensitive to any firmness and require a mattress that is soft enough that it does not dig into the shoulders and hips. I, being a side sleeper often woke up to a throbbing pain in my shoulders.

I had no idea until recently that the reason was that my mattress was way too hard for my frame. Stomach sleepers have quite the opposite problem. Stomach sleepers need a firmer version as soft ones tend to contour to their body shape and put a lot of pressure on their internal organs.

So, the easy answer is that a medium firmness mattress like the Bear  serves both the kind of sleepers. It is soft enough to allow the shoulders and hips to sink comfortably into the mattress and firm enough as to not exert a lot of pressure into the stomach. Not only this, the mattress is perfect for back sleepers as well!

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, stomach sleepers.

Why Buy a Bear Mattress?

I found, made huge claims about their one mattress that was the perfect fit for all. The mattress features a Premium Gel foam which provides all the comfort of a traditional memory foam all the while keeping you cool and ensuring asleep without any perspiration.

The New Celliant Technology embedded in the cover is an innovative technology that absorbs any energy from you and redirects it back into the infrared light. This helps you in recovering faster and ensuring better performance for the future days to come. The Mattress is great for athletes or anyone who spends the day in a tough sort of work. It can help those at a day job as well!

The Bear is a medium comfort mattress, so if you do not like your foams too firm or too soft, this is perfect for you. The mattress is eco-friendly as well, so you can rest assured if you are conscious about the environment.  The mattress comes in a total of 6 sizes: Twin, Full, Twin XL, Queen, King and California King.

The company offers you a warranty of 10 years as well as a 100 nights free sleep trial to ensure you are satisfied with the product. The best part: Free shipping! They ship the mattress in a box right at your doorstep.

Bear Mattress Review – Conclusion

To sums it up, the Bear is leading the world of mattresses by the ropes.
While most other online mattress companies offer various types of mattresses, the Bear leaves its mark upon the world by selling only one mattress that they claim serves everyone’s needs best, the world of mattress can get confusing, with so many mattress types to choose from and so many comfort levels and heights and combinations, it can get and for simple folks like us to make a purchase.

When it comes to assuring their customers and offering them just one mattress that can efficiently take care of their needs, It has proven to be the champion!

They offer six different sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King. All these wide ranges of mattresses serve to give users with a lot of options to choose from. The mattress they offer comes in a medium firmness that definitely serves all!

The 10-year Warranty is an unseen and unheard phenomenon in the mattress world. One definitely feels safe to invest in them! I know I did!

The mattress’ pressure relieving properties and its durability and breathability make it a standing champion among other cheap quality mattressesThe 3 layers and the innovative Celliant Technology make this mattress breathable. After all those tiring days of work, you definitely wish to take out the stress, the Celliant technology can help you do that. Simply sleep on the mattress and you will be refreshed and revitalize in the morning. No more morning stiffness or fogginess, just a pain-free happy morning.

If you wish to buy a reliable mattress or just a good mattress that will have you happily waking up in the mornings, then the Bear mattress is for you!

Bear Mattress Company Information

Company History

Bear was launched in 2015. The Bear Hybrid debuted in January 2018.

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