air mattressesThe purpose of this review is to make clear all the rising questions in your mind regarding Air Mattresses. Not only this, I am here going to tell you about the pros and cons along with their details to make it easy for you to decide which Mattress is the perfect choice for you.

The Air mattress is one of the kind of mattress that is mostly the choice of the people who love camping and even is the first choice for the guests’ sleeping comfort. It is easy to use and the most important part of it is that it is less spacious you can fold it back and place it anywhere when not needed.

It is designed in such a way that it can be easily carried and can be transferred very comfortably. It is made up of Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC). Now the new versions of materials are also available for such mattresses.

It is usually filled with air and can also be filled with hydrogen, helium and nitrogen gas.

The categories in which mattress lies is:

  • Camping
  • For guests or temporary use
  • Full-time permanent use

best air mattressesThe first two types fall into the category of Air Mattresses which means you can use it for camping or short-term purposes.

It is not at all suitable for long-term use or as a full-time permanent mattress. These mattresses are equally suitable for all types of sleepers.

Why Did We Need it?

The need arises when you want a temporary solution for your comfortable sleep. It can be your own house or an outdoor place.

People usually buy these mattresses when they are out for camping, this is because they are light in weight, easy to carry, easy to inflate the air and deflate the air within a few minutes. These mattresses are the best solution in a case when your guest come to stay at your place

15 Best Air Mattresses Reviews 2019

air mattresses at walmart

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series – Best Mattress For Everyday Use

SoundAsleep Dream Series MattressSoundAsleep Dream Series is specially design patented and eco-friendly keeping in mind your health as a first priority. Their air mattresses are most comfortable.

It is of about 19 inches high in the height which is quite comfortable and gives the exact feeling of normal bed mattresses You will not feel like you are laying down on the ground without a bed. The available size of this SoundAsleep Dream Series is Queen. It does not sag even if you used it so often.

The sound asleep is designed to give the real mattress feel. For this, it contains ComfortCoil Technology and in standard queen-sized mattress there are 40 evenly distributed coils which on resting gives the real mattress feeling.

This technology is the latest one prevailing in the market nowadays. The most important and concerned thing about it is that it does not sink or make you feel uncomfortable. In spite of the fact, you can sleep very relaxed with your spouse.

It has 15 gauge flocked top with different layers making it reliable and long-lasting. The feel of the top layer is so satisfying you do not need to cover it with any bed sheet or cover. The layer is so thick that it’s not easy to make it puncture.

The best part is that it does not require pump separately for filling the air. It has its own pump with it which makes it easy to pump air and it is said to be 20% quieter than any other mattress and can inflate into full bed within 4 minutes.

The packaging is also done very smartly with the bag and the cardboard box. They are giving a warranty of 1 year.


    • It is waterproof also preventing it to make wet in case you drop any liquid by mistake.
    • It can bear about 500 pounds.
    • Sagging is the main issue which arises in air mattresses especially. This problem is reduced in a SoundAsleep.


  • Air loss is ignorable
  • Easy pumping
  • The waterproof surface of the mattress
  • Do not sag
  • Inflation and deflation is easy
  • Puncture resistant material is used
  • Even surface giving the same comfort throughout the mattress


  • Cannot be filled with external pumps
  • Only for temporary use

2. Insta-Bed Raised

Insta-Bed Raised MattressInsta-Bed mattress is about 18 inches high making it a comfortable place to sleep while you are not at home. With a built-in pump attached to it and it can also be pumped with external hand air pump.

The feature which makes it different from others is it can be filled according to your need for plush, medium or soft firmness. It weighs about 25 pounds. The available size of this Insta-Bed Raised is Queen and Twin.

It is made up of Poly-filament webbing. Poly-filament webbing makes it material durable, long-lasting and reliable especially the perfect material for camping. It can bear uneven surfaces along with puncture resistant quality which makes it reliable. It has evenly distributed 35 circular coils which maintains its smooth surface throughout the mattress no matter you are sitting on the edge or the center it will give the same feel.

The flocked top of the mattress is made up of a small fiber on the surface of the layer which makes its top easy to settle the cover on the mattress. The mattress is available in three different colors of tan, white and grey.

The filling of the mattress takes only 3 minutes. What you need to do is fill the mattress near the switchboard because it needs electric power to inflate the mattress or have a portable, rechargeable hand air pump.

Packaging is done smartly with the bag to wrap it back and easy to carry. They offer 30 days’ warranty.


  • Its firmness can be adjusted according to your need. If you are comfortable in plush feel filled it with the setting of plush, if medium or soft so set respectively as per your requirement.
  • Maintain its air in the mattress throughout the 8 hours of your continuous sleep automatically which prevent it from sagging or air loss.


  • The firmness of the required choice can be made possible.
  • Maintain its air throughout the time of sleeping.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Filling of the mattress takes only 3 minutes
  • Have a portable, rechargeable hand air pump.


  • Heavy if you are hiking.
  • Need power source for filling the mattress so, in case of camping, it can be a problem to find a power source.
  • Usually, need cover because of irritation with its top layer.

3. Serta Raised – Twin Air mattress

Serta Raised MattressSerta Raised is specially designed to provide the solution of sleeping especially who love camping and the families who need to provide the sleeping facility to their guests at their home. Like other mattresses, this also is made with the Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which is stretchable.

It is also made in a way that it is water resistant, making it really helpful during camping or even when you are at home. The thing which makes it different from others is that it has 2 pumps attached working simultaneously together when needed.

Serta Raised is made with the Polyvinyl Chloride making it long-lasting and durable. It is 18 inches in height. The top layer is made of waterproof and air puncture resistance. The mattress contains 2 pumps one acts as a primary pump which is used to inflate the mattress to the desired need while the second pump is specially designed to maintain the air pressure.

Whenever the air pressure gets low the second pump starts automatically to maintain the pressure keeping the mattress with the same flow all the time.

Its Queen size mattress is designed with 35 circular coils evenly distributed which makes the surface of the mattress smooth and gives the same effect throughout the mattress. Its Twin sized mattress contains 21 circular coils. The total weight is 20.56 pounds which Are helpful to carry.

The top layer of the surface is soft and flocked that makes it feel comfortable when touched with your skin. The top layer is made up of PVC stretchable material which helps it to stretchable when first filled with the pump.

Filling the Serta is really easy. This is made easy by the company providing the facility of auto-inflation and auto-deflation. You do not need to wait and stand to stop the pump it will itself stop pumping when not needed. So be relaxed while inflating. It contains two pumps one act as a primary pump and the other as secondary to maintain the air.

The packaging is so easy and simple. You can easily deflate it which will be deflated in 4 minutes and then you can keep it in its specially designed bag. The customized bag has made it easy to put it back when not in use. It has the integrated cord storage cup to store the power cord. The company is providing the 2-year warranty of the product.


  • Comfort levels are plush, medium and firm which means it is multi-purpose. If you like to sleep on plush comfort level fill it to plush level. And on the other day if your any guest prefers to sleep on medium level or the firm level so you can fill on that level. Making it perfect for all kind of comfort level lovers depending on the likes and dislikes.
  • The pumping process is automatic. You do not need to wait to shut off the Auto inflate and deflate with auto shut off feature.


  • The top layer is soft and flocked.
  • Auto inflation and auto deflation process.
  • Comfort levels of the required choice either plush, medium, and firm.
  • Maintains air pressure by secondary pump.


  • The primary pump makes little noise when inflating.
  • Slight odor when it is unpacked for the first time.
  • When fully filled with air becomes too heavy to transfer.

4.  Lazery Sleep Mattress

 Lazery Sleep MattressLazery Sleep is another company which playing the role in the market to provide you the comfort temporary sleep. They have used coil beam technology to make mattress comfortable place for you to sleep. But any damage due to your any mishandle cannot be entertained.

The construction of the Lazery Sleep is made under the supervision of experienced workers. They have integrated the ComfortCoil Technology in the mattress to make it durable and most importantly to provide you the best comfort. The mattress consists of 40 internal air coils to provide you the comfort and support. The internal pump is attached to it to inflate the mattress without any external pump needed. The patented pump is made to produce 20% less noise as compared to other mattresses inflation process.

This mattress is equally suitable for single sleepers and couples. It equally provides support and even surface to the sleepers.

The pump is not integrated with the mattress it is used externally but is the part of this mattress. Without which, the mattress cannot be filled. The total weight of the mattress before inflation is 19.8 pounds.

The top layer is made soft and gives a smooth feel. You can use it even without the bed sheets. Its multi-layered surface prevents it from puncture and any kind of air loss. The top is waterproofed.

It has patented internal pump attached to it for easy and fast inflation and deflation process. Along with it they have attached a remote control with the mattress also to manage the comfort level of the Lazery Sleep easily. The remote has seven setting options given from soft plush to extra firm for the inflation along with the LED lights to use it easily at night so no need to leave the bed to open the light. Batteries are not required because of the built-in pump.

Like other mattresses, Lazery Sleep has also designed the packaging very easy and simple. After the deflation of the mattress, you can fold it with ease and placed it with no hindrance at all. The special packaging bag is also designed to put it safely for future use. The warranty duration is of about 1 year.


  • Remote attached to the Lazery Sleep helps you out to do the settings easily and with many options.
  • The “Sure-Grip” bottom of the mattress prevents unwanted slipping and movement.
  • The thick layer of the mattress is waterproof flocked top for added comfort and durability with multilayer. Much less than many Mattresses.


  • Light weighted, with 19.8 pounds weight.
  • 1-year warranty, a greater period as compare to others
  • Hardwired remote control with advanced technology
  • LED lights are also with the mattress


  • Not for long-term purposes

5. SoundAsleep Camping Series

SoundAsleep Camping Series MattressSoundAsleep Camping Series is another mattress in the market. The company is very much concerned about their material and technologies used. They are also concerned with the healthy environment and health of the people so they made eco-friendly products to save the environment.

These mattresses are specially designed for outdoor use. The total weight is about 11.5 to 12 pounds when not inflated, the lightest one among the mattresses we have discussed.

The construction of the SoundAsleep Camping Series is made very precisely keeping in mind the best results for you. For this, they have used I-Beam and ComfortCoil Technology. I-Beam technology is basically a number of vertical walls heat welded to the bottom and top chamber layers to provide the even surface and shape to the mattress.

The material they have chosen for soundAsleep is the Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which is as mentioned above, is the most suitable material for this type of mattress. The thickness of the top layer or you can say the PVC layer is 20 mil or 0.02 inches. The thickness and material are made to resist the puncture or any kind of hole.

The top can be topped off easily. The cover or bed sheet usually slips on its surface.

The pumping of the SoundAsleep Camping Series is very easy. It does not depend upon the electricity and can also be pumped by car charger when you are outdoor or camping somewhere. It is operated with a battery to make it easy to be used outdoors. It took about 3 minutes to fully fill the air in the mattress to come in its full shape and size.

It can be easily packed in the packaging bag and carry it comfortably. The packaging is done for the customer’s convenience and comfort. They design the packaging process simple and easy.

They have given the warranty time period of 1 year. Between this course of time, you can claim the warranty.


  • The mattress is made 9 inches high.
  • The available sizes are Queen and Twin.


  • Light in weight, 11.5 to 12 pounds.
  • Use I-Beam and ComfortCoil Technology.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Minimal air loss percentage.
  • Silent pumping with battery.


  • No shipment out of US.
  • Limited to 110 watts.
  • No indication when the mattress is fully filled.

6. Insta-Bed NeverFlat Air Bed

Insta-Bed NeverFlat Air Bed

The construction of the mattress is made by using less PVC. The mattress contains durable polyester material and internal coils are distributed evenly to give a smooth and even surface. Two battery oriented pumps are attached. For best performance, they suggest you use alkaline batteries and change it when needed.

The top layer is made of polyester to prevent puncture and making it long lasting.

The mattress contains two battery operated pumps to take control of the air flow. First, one is used to fill the mattress while the other is to monitor the air level. If the air level gets low during the course of your sleep it will automatically start to generate the air to the required level.

For this, they have used the NeverFlat Technology to solve the problem of air leakage in any form either due to weight, temperature or leakage from the hole. If the pump fails to fill the mattress so it means, it’s the time to change the battery.

A carry bag is also given along with the mattress and the pump. The warranty lasts for 1 year.


  • It can handle weight up to 500 pounds.
  • 80% off the internal structure is made very strong to give good support.       


  • Two pumps attached to balance the air level
  • Lightweight
  • Puncture resistant.


  • Need to change battery time to time

7. Sound Asleep – Dream Series

Sound Asleep – Dream Series Mattress

The Sound Asleep – Dream Series is constructed using ComfortCoil Technology with 40 coils distributed in the internal layer of the mattress.

The top layer is made thick and waterproof to make it comfortable for you.

Filling of the mattress is so easy with the integrated pump. The pump not only fills the mattress but also responsible to maintain the air flow. It takes 4 minutes in total to inflate.

Packaging is very simple. You can deflate it and can roll it back into its bag.

You can claim the warranty within the 1-year duration from the date of purchase. The warranty does not include any responsibility against mishandling, tear, damage due to environment etc. The warranty claim rights may change from state to state. They take the responsibility related to the product’s material or any malfunction of the product


  • Dual chamber construction.
  • Extra thick layer.


  • Puncture resistant
  • Patented 1-click internal pump
  • Suitable for both home use or outdoor.


  • Not for international customer
  • Shipment within U.S only.

8. Fox Airbeds Plush High Rise – Memory Foam

Fox Airbeds Plush High Rise MattressFox Airbeds – Plush High Rise is available in two sizes that are Queen and Twin. Their weight limit is about 400 pounds. It contains a built-in two-way pump attached to it. It is made thicker than other mattresses. The weight of the mattress before filling it is 27 pounds. After filling the mattress it gives the height of 25 inches.

The manufacturing of this product is done with the 43% thicker vinyl to ensure the durability and long life of the mattress. The sides and bottom are made with 25-gauge vinyl. The top is made with 30 gauge flocked top. The pump is attached to it internally.

The top layer is made of vinyl and this layer is made thick compared to sides and bottom to provide the good support and feel for you.

The filling time is 2 minute which is quite less as compared to other mattresses.

A traveling bag is also given in case of camping or when you do not need and wanted to deflate it back. The warranty is for 40 days only.


  • Repairing kit is also given by the company to repair it when needed.
  • The instruction book is also given to understand the working and usage of the product or for any guide.


  • Thick layered top
  • 2 minute inflation time, which is very quick
  • Repairing kit is also given
  • Pillowtop
  • Chambers are there for air flow


  • Heavyweight, difficult to carry
  • Some standard size bed sheets may fail to cover the mattress.

9. Lightspeed Outdoors – Two-Person

Lightspeed Outdoors MattressLightspeed Outdoor air mattresses are specially designed for providing the solution of sleeping for two persons. They have not used the PVC, instead, they came out with the alternate of the PVC, which makes the mattress more temperature stable and durable than the PVC’s mattresses. The height is 6 inches of the mattress and the weight limit is of 550 pounds. The available sizes are Queen and Twin.

They have replaced PVC with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). That increases the quality of the mattress and makes it long lasting. The firmness from too soft to too firm can be adjusted by the two-way Boston valve and patented stabilizer system.

The patented stabilizer system means that they have not used the coil technology. The mattress contains 192 connectors of stabilizer in the different layers of the mattress.

The top layer does not need any cover. It is made puncture free and prevents to get damaged when outdoor.

The inflation and deflation are easy and can be done by a battery operated pump integrated into the mattress. The total weight of the mattress before inflation is 6 pounds, the lightest one among all I have discussed till now

The packaging is done nicely, very light in weight and apparently looks smaller. Having a bag also.

Duration for the claim of warranty is 1 year.


  • PVC free air beds with TPU technology.
  • Lightweight as compare to others.


  • Very light in weight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • PVC replaced by TPU.


  • Not give results like AC converter at home.
  • More towards a firm comfort level.

10. AeroBed Twin – Classic 

AeroBed TwinThe AeroBed – Classic air mattress is another mattress which I am highlighting here. The mattress is 9 inches high. The size in which it comes is queen and the bed sheet of standard queen size can be easily fitted on it. It can bear weight approx. 600 pounds.

The construction of AeroBed – Classic is done with the oval coil to give even and smooth support. The material used is PVC vinyl. It has a hand pump separately with the nozzle to fill the mattress and a patented Whoosh valve for the deflation of air.

The top layer is said to be soft flocked to give the comfortable and good feel.

A separate pump is given to fill the mattress. It has a nozzle with it as you will put the nozzle in the mattress it will start pumping the mattress.

The storage bag is also given along the mattress.

Warranty of 1 year is also offered by them.


  • Design with very care.
  • Smooth surface.


  • Comfortable.
  • Quality material used.
  • Cheaper in price compare to others.


  • No auto shut off.
  • Manual deflation.


11. Coleman Mattress – Camping & Backpacking

Coleman MattressThe next mattress is Coleman Premium Airbed which is another solution for your temporary sleep problem. Its weight is about 17 pounds making it portable and light in weight to carry. Queen size is available of this mattress in the market. Its compact size is perfect for a temporary solution to sleep. The height of the mattress is 18 inches in total.

Filling of the mattress is simple. It has an air locked system in it to prevent air to leak. The inflation and deflation so simple.

Like others, they are also providing the storage for the bag to prevent it from any damage.

The mattress contains 35 coils to maintain the support and equal feel throughout the bed. Its integrated pump and double lock valve need the only 120watt to inflate the bed. It is with some extra height to give the original bed feel.

The top is soft suede for the sake of the comfort of the sleepers.

1 year of warranty.


  • With some extra height.
  • Uses less power compared to others.


  • Good height
  • Airlock system
  • Uses 120 watt


  • Only one size is available.

12. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated – Best Queen Sized

ntex Comfort Plush Elevated MattressMoving towards the next air mattress. This is named as Intex Comfort-Plush Elevated. Currently, this bed has the highest height of all which we have discussed that is 22 inches. It has an integrated pump with it with the option of the firmness of your need. You can adjust the firmness easily. It is available in only Queen size.

In the construction, they have used the Fiber-Tech to make it more reliable and durable. A high power pump is attached to fill the air.

The top is waterproof flocked to give you the soothing feel.

Filling the mattress take 4.5 minutes which is greater as compared to all above mattresses. High power pump is attached with the mattress to fill the mattress.

The duffle bag is included with the mattress

No warranty is given by them.


  • The weight limit is 600 pounds.
  • The weight of this mattress is 21 pounds.


  • Capacity is 600 pounds that is more than the others.
  • Used Fiber-Tech
  • Waterproof


  • No warranty
  • Takes more time to inflate

13. Intex Pillow Rest

Intex Pillow Rest MattressIntel Pillow Rest is one which I will personally recommend. It is additionally having a pillow to it. It is cost effective also. If you are looking with a low budget and a combo of comfort and relaxed sleep you can have this mattress. The sizes in which they are available in Queen and Twin. The total height of the mattress after filling it with the pump is 16.5 inches along with the built-in pillows.

Filling of Intel Pillow Rest is simple. With the low price as compare to another mattress, they are giving a high power pump also. The maximum time it will take to fill the mattress is 3 minutes. If used continuously for many days you need to refill it to remove the sagging.

Similar to all mattresses they are also providing a bag for the storage of mattress.

The material used in the manufacturing of intel Pillow Rest is Polyresin and vinyl. Double-layered interior construction.

The top layer is of blue color giving the mattress a very nice look. The material is used makes it soft and comfortable.

They offer a 90-day warranty.


  • Can bear 300 pounds weight.
  • Total weight before inflation is 11.5 pounds.


  • Weight limit is very less
  • Lightweight
  • Soft and Comfortable


  • Some standard size bed sheets may fail to cover the mattress.

14. Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed

Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable BedThe purpose of highlighting its feature is to help you to make a decision according to your needs and requirements. They have made mattresses exceptionally comfortable for the better sleep. If you are camping or going out to stay or on vacations, this would be the best solution for your comfortable sleep.

The vinyl material is used to made mattress puncture resistant to increase the life of the mattress.

The top layer has some velvety effect so the deep pocket bed sheet will be more suitable rather than just placing the bed sheet which may slip frequently.

Filling up the mattress is easy and simple.

The packaging bag is given to it so there is no chance that the mattress will get dirty.

A 30-day warranty is offered by them.


  • Weight limit is very less.
  • Lightweight
  • Soft and Comfortable


  • Location, temperature, and humidity can affect the firmness.

15. Coleman Double-High Quickbed

Coleman Double-High Quickbed MattressColeman Double-High Quickbed is the best choice for you. They said that their Coleman Double-High Quickbed is much taller in size as compared to other air mattresses in the market with the height of 18 inches which you can clearly see we have many mattresses above of this height. I have read somewhere about it that if you put a layer of any foam or blanket the feeling will be more similar to the real mattress. This is available in two sizes Queen and Twin.

Like other mattresses, Coleman Double-High Quickbed mattress is made up of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). They are not giving a pump along with the mattress. You need to arrange it and pump it externally. A bag is attached to it for the packaging and storage.

The top layer can be felt like a bed by placing any layer on it may be of any foam layer or a blanket to reduce the feeling. Because when you directly sleep on it, it will touch your skin giving you the feel of rubber or vinyl effect. It is, therefore, recommended to put a layer on it to get the real bed feel.

The pump is not attached to the mattress. In the beginning, when you will fill the mattress you can smell some odor but it just in the beginning after a few days it will vanish. If you are using mattress continuously for many days so you may need to refill the air.

Coleman Double-High Quickbed is delivered in very convenient packaging. It sometimes becomes tricky also to deflate the mattress and pack it back into the bag.

Their warranty lasts for 1 year.


  • The inflation and deflation process is quite simple.
  • It is up to the standard size of the mattress and the standard bed sheet can be easily fitted to this mattress.


  • Plush soft top layer
  • Comfortable and smooth
  • Good height, giving the real bed feel


The pump is not included

Rubbery odor in the beginning

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Tips To Note While Buying Your Mattress

air mattress
When buying a mattress, you must know that on which basis you should be going to judge it. Following are the TIPS which will help you buy Best Mattress:

best air mattressPrice – Every buyer wants to buy things at the cheapest rate but it is obvious that you cannot buy anything good and reliable at the cheap rates. The cheaper the rate, the worst will be the quality of the product so you should check out the market and buy the mattress with moderate rates.

Comfort Level – The mattress you are looking for must be comfortable so that you can have a sound and relaxing sleep. Uncomfortable or hard mattresses causes an ache in the back which will be worse. To check its comfort level, sit on the mattress and check whether you are feeling comfortable on it or not.

Warranty – You should look for a mattress with a warranty so that if anything happens to the mattress, the company should take the responsibility and provide you the solution.

twin air mattressSurface Check the surface of the mattress by touching it. A good quality mattress should have a firm and thick surface so that it can last longer.

The Material Of The Mattress A good quality mattress gives you a velvety touch on its surface instead of any foam kind of feel and is water resistant so that the water may not go inside the mattress and cause the damage in motor and mattress.

Electric Pump – Some companies have a built-in electric pump in the mattress and some provide an external pump to inflate the mattress. Buying a mattress without an electric pump would not be a good choice.

Light Weight – As an air mattress is portable so it should be light in weight to carry when it is deflated and not bother in handling.

Holding The Load – A good quality mattress should hold almost 600 pounds of weight on it so that it could entertain two over weighted peoples easily.

Some Features You Must  Have To Note 

queen air mattressConstruction:

When we buy any product the first thing we kept in our mind is its quality. The quality of the product determines its functioning power, durability, and the comfort it is going to provide. If we talk particularly, the construction plays a very important role to predict the future of that product. So when buying a mattress, you should carefully read its construction or the material that is being used for its production.

Firmness:  full size air mattress

While buying a mattress you should check its firmness according to your requirement. Because there are many mattresses which set firmness level according to your need but still I will suggest you check it personally to determine your own comfort level.


When we buy any product we wanted to invest in a place where we can get maximum benefit from that product. So I must say while buying a mattress you must select a mattress that will give you the durability.

Motion Isolation: air mattress target

Motion isolation matters a lot when it comes to a sound sleep. While buying a mattress you should check that it is bouncing back or not. Some mattress especially air mattresses fail to reduce this problem because of its lightweight they are unable to overcome this.


It is totally based on the air so it matters a lot that the off-gassing problem may not occur. It is not possible to check this at the time of buying so I will recommend you to first do research work before buying or ask any of your friend and family who is using air mattress to avoid this problem.

spring air mattressEdge Support:

It is one of the most common problems of the mattress that its edges are not supportive. Whenever you sit on it, it gives a feel like that you will get a slip. Buying an air mattress, you can check this feature of the mattress to get the best result.


Usually, These mattresses are made up of PVC which is a plastic so it may cause the smell. Some mattresses give smell just at the start while some material always gives an unpleasant smell. So make it sure from the purchaser before buying the mattress.


As they are made up of PVC so they can be heated up so fast. When you are outdoor or camping so it may cause trouble for you to even sit on it. So make it sure from the purchaser that its material should be heat resistant. To overcome this usually mattresses are covered with velvet type material.

Air Mattresses Reviews – Final Verdict

best air mattresses 2019These were top 15 air mattresses all carrying different specialty.  After reading the review now it is easy for you to make a decision and buy the mattress according to your need.

Some mattresses are very light in weight that can be your perfect choice for camping. Some are really good in quality making it more durable.

Some are easy to handle and use. So depending upon your interest you can now easily buy a mattress.


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