If fat people ignore their weight concern and choose the same mattress as other people do. In the future, they might regret this decision. Due to some factors, heavy people need a different type of mattress. In this article, we will give you some tips for buying a mattress for a heavy person. And will explain some features of mattresses that should be noted while buying a mattress for fat people.

Moreover in-depth analysis of 10 best mattresses will help you select the Best Mattress for yourself. Also, we are going to tell you about different types of mattresses available for fat people. Read on to learn more about the important consideration regarding the mattress for fat people.

10 Best Mattresses For Heavy People Reviews

Name Features Quality ?
Sapira 10 years warranty
Open Structure
Novosbed 120 Night Trial
15 years warranty
Loom & Leaf Eco-friendly
120-day trial
15 years warranty
Zenhaven 12day Trial
20 years warranty
OEKA-TEX certified
Layla CertiPUR-US Certified
120 Night trail
WinkBeds Plus CertiPUR-US Certified
365 Night trail
Ever long warranty
Leesa Mattress, Cooling Avena 100 night trial.
10 years warranty
Cooling effect
The Purple Bed Temperature Neutral
10 years of warranty
GhostBed Memory Foam 100-night trial.
10 years warranty
Lull Gel Memory Foam 100 night trial.
10 years warranty
Cooling effect

1. Sapira Mattress

Sapira MattressSapira mattress is a type of hybrid mattress. It comes with 5 layers that provide the body with ideal support. First is the 1.5-inch performance layer then 1.5-inch memory foam layer that provides the pressure releasing support. Under this is a 1-inch transition foam layer. That cover the pocked coil under it. And the base of this mattress is supported by a one-inch layer. Lastly, the cover of the mattress is made from polyester. The mattress is well constructed and provides the ideal support to fat people. Lastly.

The mattress comes is medium firm or soft. These mattresses are good for the people who sleep on their back and the soft firm edition of this mattress is suitable for people who sleep on their stomach. As the frames of this mattress are good to bear the weight of heavy people and do not sag or sinks easily.

The durability of the sapira mattress is good .as being a hybrid mattress warranty of 10 years is quite impressive. As hybrid mattress life is not that much. The thickness of this mattress also play a role in its dyeability.as it is 11 inches thick which is decent and increases the life of this mattress.

The movement in the sapira mattress is contained very efficiently. As the movement is contained in its source. This is due to the structure as the pocked coil in the mattress are individually wrapped that minimize the effect of the movement.

The little off-gassing in this mattress is only due to the use of memory foam. Memory foam layer is present in this mattress. As memory foam releases gases due to this little off-gassing are present in the Sapira Mattress

The structure of this mattress is beautify constructed and contains 5 layers. These layers provide the ideal support. Moreover, the pocked coil provides uniform support throughout the mattress. These things provide good edge support and people sitting on the side will not slide

The noise is a problem in the hybrid mattress as they contain springs that make noise during the movement on the mattress. But 5 layer body of this mattress minimizes the noise as the springs are covered with 3 layers .which ultimately minimize the noise effect.

The odor is very minimum in this mattress. And it is due to the material used for the covering of spring as memory foam and polyester is used for it .they release a certain type of gases which causes the small. But the smell is very less as compared to a merry foam mattress.

The structure of sapira mattress provides the proper ventilation in the mattress. That allows the air to pass through it .so the person sleeping on this mattress will not face the problem of sleeping hot. As the structure of this mattress provides a cooling effect.

These types of mattress are best for the people who are suffering from a back problem as old age people do face these types of problems and for the sleepers who sleep on their stomach. As kids usually sleep on their stomach .so it is a good mattress for kids and old.

2. Novosbed Mattress

Novosbed MattressNovosbed Mattress is made of multiple layers that provide a good pressure releasing support to the body. It contains a 2-inch layer of gel foam layer after cover that gives the cooling effect and then the 3-inch memory foam layer. Moreover, a 3-inch layer of memory foam makes the structure hard. And at the base is the 6-inch layers with small foam cylinder that play the role of springs in this mattress. Moreover, it comes with Tencel fabric cover that absorbs the moisture to keeps you dry. And the cover is washable and removable.

This mattress is firm which might be hard for normal people. But this type of firmness is good for fat people. As the firmness avoids the sink and sagging. Generally, this type of firmness is preferred by the large people and helps them get a comfortable sleep,

As the Novosbed Mattress is a gel foam mattress. The life of a gel foam mattress is great. This mattress has a warranty of 15 years. As denser foam is used in this mattress that also increases its durability. As more the density the more will be the life of the mattress. Hence it has life more than innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

The movement in Novosbed Mattress is isolated by the small foam cylinder. These small cylinders isolate the movement to its source. So the disturbance of sleep due the moment of your partner is not an issue in this mattress. Hence provides a good sleep.

The off-gassing in Novosbed mattress is because of the small foam cylinders. These are made from memory foam .as memory foam releases gases so some off-gassing is present due to this.

Since it is a gel foam mattress. The edge support is not satisfactory. As Novosbed Mattress is gel foam mattress. It sinks form side when someone sits at the side of it. This represents the poor edge support of this mattress.

Noise is not a problem in this mattress. As doesn’t contain anything that will make noise during the movement. It is made from memory foam and gel foam both don’t make much noise while the movement.

The smell in this mattress is because of the small foam cylinders. As the foam releases some gases. And the smell is because of the gases. Novosbed mattress consists of little smell in it.

The small foam cylinder structure of Novosbed Mattress allow the air to pass through it. The high-density foam used in this mattress provides very good ventilation. That helps in maintaining the body temperature during the sleep. And the gel foam layer also provides a cooling effect.

This mattress is firm .generally it is a bit hard. This type of firmness is ideal for over weight people.as they don’t sink during sleep if the mattress is firm .so this mattress is suitable for fat people.

3. Loom & Leaf Mattress

Loom & Leaf MattressLoom & Leaf Mattress is the mattress made of 4 cooling layers. The layers are made of gel and foam provide a firm supports to the body. The structure of this mattress is well balanced. The mattress comes with organic cotton cover .which is easy to wash. The mattress is 12 inches thick.

It comes in two types of firmness Relaxed Firm and Firm. The firm one is suitable for the back sleeps and heavy people also. Whereas the relaxed firm is best for side sleepers and the fat people want the soft feel with firm support. So for this, it is suitable for them. This mattress is also suitable for stomach sleepers.

It comes with a good 15-year warranty. Loom & Leaf Mattress has more life than another mattress. As for memory foam, 15 years warranty is excellent. The density of the foam used in this mattress makes it more durable.

The motion isolation is satisfactory but as it is a gel foam mattress. The impact of a movement is more as compared to impact in an innerspring mattress. The movement is isolated from its source is very less.

Loom & Leaf Mattress is certiPUR Certified .so the material used in it is eco-friendly the gasses released from this mattress is minimum. As the certification assures this. So the little gasses released from this mattress does not damage the health.

The edge support of Loom & Leaf Mattress is normal as compared to hybrid mattress the edge support is less. The downside of this if you sit on side of this mattress the body starts to sinks.

The noise is less in this mattress as it is made of gel and memory foam. So noise is not an issue in Loom & Leaf Mattress.as it is a genuine concern in the hybrid and innerspring mattress. As the coils used in them make noise.

The natural and eco feignedly material are used in different layers and a cover of this mattress. And certiPUR Certified also assures that off-gassing is not issued in Loom & Leaf Mattress. As smell and odor in the mattress are due to off-gassing and the type of material used. Mentioned above both cannot be a reason in this mattress.so it is odorless.

As the Loom & Leaf Mattress is made of layers made of gel foam. This material provides a cooling feel to the body. This eliminates the concern of sleeping hot. it keeps the body temperature low during the sleep.

The mattress is recommended for couples as well for children because it is a relaxed firm and also firm .this makes it a good choice for couples and children due to relaxed firmness and soft feel.

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4. Zenhaven Mattress

Zenhaven MattressThe Zenhaven mattress is composed of cotton cover at the top which is easy to remove. Then comes the top layer of latex foam that also provide the cooling effect at the top. The base layer is made from foam which gives the firm support and provides the body pressure releasing support.

The firmness of this mattress is a gentle firm which is good for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. As they need a mattress with a soft feel during the sleep. Which is present in this firmness level

The Zenhaven Mattress comes with 20 years of warranty. This warranty is more than many other types of mattresses like memory, innerspring, hybrid etc. The durability of this mattress is more because of the use of latex foam in it.

The structure of this mattress is not that firm. That it will isolate the movement to its source. Whereas some sort of disturbance is caused in the mattress when someone moves because of the poor isolation.

In Zenhaven Mattress there is not much off-gassing as it is made from natural material latex which does not release gases. The off-gassing is not a concern in this mattress,

The edge support of Zenhaven Mattress is better than memory foam mattress. The sinking when a person sleeps at the side is less. So the edge is firmly supported.

The closed structure of Zenhaven Mattress dose does not allow the noise to come from it.so during movement on the mattress there is no such noise created by this mattress.

The mattress is made from natural material like latex. These type of material don’t release gases. Sue to no such off-gassing then the smell is not an issue in Zenhaven Mattress.

The latex layer in this mattress allows sleeping cool during the night. As sleeping hot is often a problem faced by Over weight people. But in this mattress, the body temperature is maintained while you are sleeping on the large cell structure of this mattress allows the air to pass through it

The mattress is a gentle firm which is good for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. As kids generally sleep at stomach and couple sleep at slides.so it is recommended for couples and kids.

5. Layla Mattress

Layla MattressLayla Mattress is a memory foam mattress. Which consist of a cover made with thermos gel .under this layers of memory foam come which provide the base and support. This mattress provides a pressure releasing effect on the body.

The Layla Mattress is medium soft and firm .both are a good match for fat people as they want firmness with a soft feel. The medium soft firmness of this mattress will provide the body the firms support without the sinking of the body and soft feel at the top for comfortable sleep

Layla Mattress is best in terms of durability as it comes with a lifetime warranty. As the mattress for over weight people doesn’t last that much. The claim of the lifetime warranty is surely an impressive thing. The foam used in this mattress is of high density also.

The motion isolation is less as compared to innerspring mattress .as the movement in Layla Mattress is still somehow isolated to some extent .but still the effect of the movement is felt.

As the mattress is made foam memory foam. This causes off-gassing. There are specific gases that are released by the memory foam. Since these gasses are not harmful.so it is not an issue. As the material used in this mattress is natural and this mattress is certified to.

The edge support is like gel mattress .the side sitters may experience sliding down and the sinking. As the edge support is not that much firm as compared to the innerspring and hybrid mattress.

The closed structure of this mattress eliminates the problem of noise. As noise is usually a problem in open structure mattress like hybrid mature. Due to its structure, Layla Mattress produce less noise during the movements

As it, CertiPUR-US certified the material used in this matters is natural. So this emirate the odor in the mattress. As memory foam releases some smell in the first few days but in this mattress, the smell is minimized by the use of natural materials.

The thermogel cover at the top of this matters provides the cooling effect and lowers the body temperature, and the top layer provides the cooling effect.so sleeping hot is not a problem in Layla Mattress

The firmness of this mattress makes it suitable for over weight people. The heavy people face the problem of sinking due to the firm support of this mattress the fat people don’t sink into it so it is recommended for them.

6. WinkBeds Plus Mattress

WinkBeds Plus MattressWinkBeds plus Mattress is a hybrid mattress .the mattress consist of tencel cover which is soft and absorbs the moisture .the mattress consist of a top layer of latex with coils under it. Providing the ultimate support to the body. This mattress is composed of foam mattress, air prongs gel, and hybrid.

These mattresses are medium firmness. This type of firmness is best for the people who sleep on their back and on their side. The firmness is suggested for fat people as well because in the soft firm they face the issue of body sinking. While in this type of firmness they find the ultimate comfort.

The plus side of WinkBeds plus Mattress is that it comes with an ever long warranty. The lifetime warranty gives a competitive advantage and is preferred by most of the people. As density and life of a mattress is a major concern for heavy people.

This feature is present in this mattress .as WinkBeds plus Mattress is a type of hybrid mattress. So the movement is isolated from its source. Because of the spring coil used in this mattress.

The foam used for the covering of springs is the cause of little of gassing that is present in WinkBeds plus Mattress. But as it is Cerruti-PUR-Us certified. Which means material used in this mattress is natural.so this factor also lessens the off-gassing in this mattress.

The good balance structure of WinkBeds plus Mattress provides a good support at the edge of the mattress. As the air springs are placed within the uniform distance the support of this mattress is also same at all the surface.

As WinkBeds Plus Mattress consists of spring .due to this spring this mattress makes nose at the moment. As the structure is open so the sound can travel easily. These factors cause the noise in these mattresses.

The smell in WinkBeds plus Mattress is less because the mattress is Certi-PUR-US certified. And of gassing is also very less. These factors lessen the smell produced by the mattress.

The open structure of WinkBeds plus Mattress allows the air to pass through it. Due to the open cell structure, the person sleeping on this mattress gets a cooling effect during the sleep.
Pros and Cons

This mattress is best for people who sleep on their side and back. Old age people are recommended to use as they suffer from back problems and for couples also as they sleep on their side.so this mattress provides the ultimate support for them.

7. Leesa Mattress, Cooling Avena Mattress

Leesa Mattress, Cooling Avena MattressThe Leesa mattress is multi-layer mattress .the mattress consist of a base layer that provides the firm support to the body. Moreover, the base layer is made with a material of high density. And the top layer of this mattress is made from memory foam that gives the pressure relief support to the body.

The mattress is a medium firm which is perfect for the people who sleep on their back or are suffering from back problems. The mattress firmness is also recommended for the heavy people the firm support of the mattress avoids the sinking of the body during the sleep.

The durability of the Leesa Mattress is decent but not that good. As being a memory foam mattress 10 years warranty is good. But others memory foam mattress have more life than this. Moreover, high-density foam is used in this mattress which provides the perfect support and also increases the durability of the mattress.

The movements on Leesa Mattress are not well isolated as compared to other innerspring and hybrid matrasses. So the sleep of the partner is disturbed when the other makes the movement as the motion isolation is low in this mattress.

It is a concern in this mattress as it is made foam memory foam .and memory from releases gases unless it is infused with some natural material. So off-gassing is present in this mattress.

The edge support is poor as it is memory foam its structure is not that firm as compared to an innerspring mattress. The edge support is poor and sitting on the side of this mattress will result in sliding down one of this mattress.

As this foam doesn’t make much noise. Leesa Mattress is a memory foam mattress so noise made by this mattress during the movement is very minimum. And the movement is often soundless. As it is memory foam .so a specific smell comes during the first few days of this mattress.

The Leesa Mattress has good ventilation. That allows the air to pass through the mattress .this things allows to the sleeper to sleep cool. as sleeping hot is a genuine issue for heavy people.

This mattress provides the balanced support that is best for couples. The mattress is medium firm and can bear the weight of fat people.so it is also recommended for them.

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8. The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

The Purple BedThe purple bed mattress consists of the knit cover which is made from polyester. And then the layers start the first layer is of the polymer. Then the second layer is medium-soft polyurethane foam.it is a comforting layer .the base layer is made from medium-soft polyurethane foam that gives the support to the mattress.

The Purple Bed are medium soft these mattresses are best for slide sleepers and person who change position during the sleep. As the firmness is the key demand of heavy people in mattresses. This mattress soft feel blend with medium firmness provides the ideal sleep to the sleeper.

The Purple Bed comes with 10 years of warranty. As this more than innerspring mattress but less than the memory foam mattress. So the durability of this mattress comes in between of both of the mattress.

The Purple Bed used new technology for the motion isolation and this helped in reducing the impact of movement on the mattress. The movement in this mattress is isolated very well to its source. Proving good sleep to its users

The Purple Bed mattress is CertiPUR-US .which means the natural material is used in the making of this mattress. That’s why the off-gassing problem is not in this mattress as nontoxic and food grade material is used in the making of this mattress.

The edge support is quite good in the mattress. The Purple Bed mattress consists of multiple layers. But the edge support is not up to the level of the innerspring mattress. Still, the person sitting at the side not sinks too much or slides down.

Due to the compact structure of The Purple Bed mattress is closed and no spring is used in the making of this mattress. So the problem is not a concern in this case.

As the natural and non-toxic material is not used in the Purple Bed. So the off-gassing is very low. Due to this there no smell in this mattress.

The foam used in the mattress is breathable. The breathable mattress allows the air to pass through .due to these person sleeping on this experiences cooling effect.

The mattress is recommended who frequently change their position during sleep like teenagers and children do .also the size of this mattress is suitable for couples. .as it is queen size mattress and provides good support.

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9. GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress

GhostBed Memory Foam MattressThe GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress is made with multiple layers. First comes a latex layer that provides the cooling effect. After this is the gel foam layer that provides the extra support. And at the base is the foam which supports the firm structure of the mattress and provides the pressure releasing support to the body. The cover of GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress is made from polyester and is easily removable.

The mattress comes in this medium firm. These mattresses are good for the people who sleep on their back and the soft firm for the people who sleep on their stomach. As the frames of this mattress are good to bear the weight of heavy people and do not sag or sinks easily.

The durability of GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress is decent. As being a memory foam mattress warranty of 10 years is normal. There are many other brands that offer more warranty then this memory foam mattress.

The motion isolation feature is not that good in this mattress. As compared to an innerspring mattress. The movement is not isolated towards its source effectively .so the disturbance is felt.

The use of foam shows that there will be off-gassing. Ascertain gasses are released from it .his causes off-gassing .but the use of natural material lessens the off-gassing in this mattress.

The edge support is not up to the mark in this mattress. As the structure is not that firm like an innerspring mattress. So the person sitting at side might slide down. This is due to the poor edge support.

Noise is not an issue in GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress. As it is a type of memory foam so the very less noise is made during the movement in this mattress. Its close structure does not allow the noise to pass through it.

GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress is not an eco-friendly product. In addition to this, it is memory foam and they release a specific smell in the first few days. The smell is lessened by using the latex layer but still, it remains.

The mattress provides the sleeping cool feature because of the latex layer at the top of this mattress. The latex at the top keeps the body temperature low during the sleep. And the person sleeping on GhostBed Mattress doses not complains regarding sleeping hot

It is a mattress that is best for teenagers as they sleep on their stomach and back. Also, this is recommended for the people who are suffering from back problems.

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10. Lull Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Lull Gel Memory Foam MattressThe cover of Lull Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made from polyester. And it is easy to remove. Moreover, this mattress consist of three layers .the top layer is made from gel foam. And the bottom layer is of memory foam which provides the firm base to the mattress.

The Lull Gel Memory Foam Mattress is soft firm. This type of mattress is best for side sleepers and people who change positions during the sleep. This is also suitable for heavy people who want soft feel. The gel foam layer provides the soft feel and memory foam base provides the firmness.

The durability of Lull Gel Memory Foam Mattress is less as compared to other memory foam mattress. Since it is a gel foam mattress 10 years warranty is decent at comparing it with other gel foam mattress

Lull Gel Memory Foam Mattress is not good at containing the movement and isolating the movement at its source. This thing is a concern for people shows to sleep with a partner. As the movement of the partner with disturbs their sleep.

Off-gassing in Lull Gel Memory Foam Mattress is less as compared to memory foam. But still, it releases some gases. The gases released from the mattress is not harmful.

It lacks edge support. As the structure is not evenly structured like a hybrid or innerspring mattress. Due to this, the person sleeping on the side or edge may feel uncomfortable on this mattress.

The gel foam mattress usually doesn’t make noises during the movement. As the compact structure does not allow too much sound .so noise is low in this mattress during movement.

The gel foam to some extents lowers the odor generated from memory foam .but still the odor is presented due to the memory foam base. But the infusion of gel foam layers lowers the magnitude of odor.

The gel foam layer at the top of the Lull Gel Memory Foam Mattress provides the cooling effect. This lowers the body temperature at the night .as sleeping hot is a concern of fat people .this mattress is good for them.

The soft feel of the mattress is best for side sleepers and people who change position during sleep. As teenagers tend to do this so it is recommended for them moreover it is also a good choice for couples.

Why Fat People need a different type of mattress?

Best Rated Mattress for Heavy People
The main reason fat people need a special mattress is that their weight damages the shape of the ordinary mattress. So for fat people, we should consider a mattress that is thicker and denser so that it can bear the weight of the sleeper. Usually, on the ordinary mattress, the heavy people start to sink during the sleep. This thing disturbs their sleep. So we should look for a mattress with firm support for heavy people to avoid sinking. Generally, the people who weigh more than 230 pounds are considered heavy.

If people with the same characteristic sleep on simple mattress their mattress will start sagging and the life of the mattress also decreases. Due to the sagging and sinking problem firm and thicker mattress should be considered for heavy proper so that they find the ultimate comfort during the sleep.

Tips For Buying the Best Mattress for Heavy People

Best Mattress for fat People
Quality should be the first Preference – 
Generally, people sometimes prefer the type of mattress that is cheap and have most features. During this, they ignore the quality factor. While looking for a mattress for large people quality is the most important factor. As if the mattress is of low quality it will be sagging more quickly due to the weight .it’s better to spend some more money but do not compromise on quality.

As quality is linked with the life of the mattress if the quality is low the life of the mattress will be very less and vice versa. If the quality of the mattress is high surely it will last more.

The thickness of the mattressThe thickness of the mattress – One of the most important thing to check for buying mates for large people is the thickness or height of the mattress. As the mattress thickness varies from 6 to 14 inches. Overweight, people are advised to sleep on a mattress that is thicker. As sleeping on the mattress that is less thick the mattress won’t last more and will be sagged.

Ideal thickness for larger people sleeps on a mattress that is 12 to 13 inches thick. That type of mattress can bear the weight of the fat people. Moreover, in the thickness of the mattress, the comfort layer should be thicker as the weight is generally on that layer. So it’s important that comfort layer is thicker so that proper support is provided to the body.

Mattress with proper ventilation – As because of the weight of heavy people pressure is applied to the mattress and that compacts the mattress. Due to this, the air does not pass from the mattress that causes the sleeping hot problem, it is vital to choose what type of mattress that has the proper ventilation .so that the air can pass through it. Moreover, the type of mattress you choose should be breathable so that the mattress absorbs the heat and provide the cooling effect.

Wight- Wight is a genuine concern as the Fat people weigh more so they should first check the weight limit of the mattress before buying it. As the weight limit of the mattress is set by looking at the average body weight.so this mattress won’t be suitable for overweight people. Go for matters which has the weight limit of more than 230 pounds for one person. Usually, these type of mattress is built specialty for large people. Moreover, check the weight of the mattress too as your bed is also bearing the weight of your body. Choosing a heavy mattress will cause damage to your bed.

Firmness issue – Choosing a soft firm mattress for a heavy person is not a good decision. The mattress will sink easily. Generally, the good firmness is required for people with more Weight. The firm mattress will provide the proper support to the body and tend to last more. Firm and the medium firm is the ideal firmness that is advised to the heavy people. As this firmness make some people uncomfortable as they want a soft feel. So these people are referred to use latex mattress. These mattresses are even comfortable in medium firm and firm.

The density of the mattress – The density of the mattress is the amount of weight that matters can support. Likewise, density is also connected to the life of the mattress. If the density is more the mattress will last more. Overweight people should use the denser mattress as it will provide more support to the body. On the other hand, if the mattress has less density it will start sagging.

Check the Warranty and claim policy – The problem overweight people face is their mattress does not last more. And some companies don’t claim the sinking and sagging issue. Buying a new mattress look for a brand that provides a decent warranty and takes responsibility for the defect of sagging and sinking. These things also depend on the brand as some have in their warranty and some don’t have. So look for a brand that has a claim of sagging in their warranty.

Features You Must Note 


Generally, the construction of the mattress varies from mattress type to type. As the memory foam has less layer as compared to the innerspring mattress. Similarly, the thickness of the mattress also varies from type to type. The mattress thickness is usually from 6 inches to 14 inches. And mattress with thickness more than 10 inches are preferred by heavy people.

Moreover, some mattress consists of springs like innerspring and hybrid mattress consist of the spring coil. These coil help in providing the firm support to the body. Whereas memory foam consists of the layer made of foam of different types of memory or poly foam.


As the firmness is a vital thing in the mattress. Firmness tells us how stiff the mattress is. The fineness of mattress is divided into the degree of hardness the mattress has. Firm, medium firm, soft are different types of firmness levels. The medium firm mattress is considered best for the people who suffer from back problems and are back sleepers. A firm mattress is best for the people who sleep on sides and change position during the sleep.

A soft firm mattress is preferred by the people who sleep on the stomach its soft feel gives a comforting sleep to the sleeper. Other than this dual firmness is also present in the mattress where a mattress is divided into two parts and both parts have different firmness. It is a good choice if your sleeping partner is heavy. As his side will be medium firm and the mattress will sag from one side and the person sleeping on the other side will not be disturbed by it since it has a different type of firmness.


The durability of the mattress depends on multiple factors like type of material used in the mattress, density. And the thickness of the mattress. As the mattress which is thicker like hybrid and innerspring last more than Memory Foam Mattress. Furthermore the more the density of material the more will be the life of the mattress. Whereas in the case of heavy people thickness and density play a key role in the life mattress of the mattress.

If density is high life will be more. Same is the case if the density is low the mattress will sag quickly and less will be the life. The mattress with most life is airbed they last 8 years or longer. After this latex mattress last the most as the life of latex mattress is 7 to 8 years. Moreover the hybrid mattress last 6 to 7 years. Memory foam is also considered quite durable as the last 6 to 7 years. The innerspring mattress has the shortest life they usually last 5 to 6 years only.

Motion Isolation

It is quite is disturbing when someone moves during the sleep and his movement cause disturbance in sleep. Hence if the effect of other person movement is more. The motion isolation is not good in the mattress. Mattress nowadays have good isolation that minimizes the movement of the person to its source, this feature helps in providing comfortable sleep to the person. So a consider mattress with good motion.


Offlaying in the mattress is usually because of material used in the mattress. Certain material release certain of the type of gases. These gases also cause the smell. But these gases are not that much harmful but the smell is quite uncomfortable. Mattress today use eco-friendly material and some mattress used green tea infused foam in layering .that reduces the off-gassing in the mattress.

The off-gassing issue is less in innerspring and hybrid mattress then the memory foam mattress. Today mattress is CertiPUR-US certified which claims the mattress is made of Eco-friendly material hence minimizing the off-gassing.

Edge Support

The mattress that is not evenly constructed often start to sink when the person sits on the side of that mattress .whereas the mattress that is evenly constructed don’t have this sinking problem are well supported at every point of the mattress.

The mattress with good edge support is hybrid and innerspring mattress since in both mattress the spring coils that are evenly structured. So they help in providing a firm support. Whereas in the memory foam mattress are worst at proving the edge support and the person sitting on the side of these mattress starts to slide.


Off-gassing of the material used in the mattress cause a specific odor that comes from the mattress. This odor mostly from the memory foam because in these mattress off-gassing is an issue. Whereas in eco-friendly mattress the smell is not an issue and this mattress also claim that they are odor free. As off-gassing is an issue in all mattress that causes the smell but now some mattress uses such material as green tea infusion that makes them odor free.


Choose the mattress with an open structure like innerspring and hybrid that provide proper ventilation through which the air passes easily and provide a cooling effect during the sleep. Memory foam is considered the hottest mattress but now comfort layer of gel and latex is used in memory foam to lower the temperature of the person sleeping on it.

Types of Mattresses

1 – Memory Foam 

Memory mattresses are generally for fat people consist of at least one layer which is made from memory foam or poly foam.T he firmness of memory foam mattresses ranges from medium to medium firm. These mattresses are best for the people who sleep on their back or are suffering any back issues, memory foam provides a pressure releasing support to their body. These mattresses are not good at the edge support as their structure is not evenly constructed like an innerspring mattress.

Due to this person sitting on the side of memory foam might slide down or start to sink. Moreover, heat issue is a problem of memory foam mattresses. As these mattresses absorb more heat and don’t allow the air to pass through it. This causes sleeping hot problem. life of memory foam mattresses are 6 to 7 years but can be more depending on the density of foam used in the mattress.

2 – Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are made with at least one layer of latex. The latex layer can be on a memory foam base or another latex material base. The thickness of latex mattresses ranges from 7 to 13 inches that is good for heavy people. The firmness of latex foam varies from medium soft to medium firm.

These mattresses are generally good for all type of sleepers like back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. The beauty of latex mattress is even in a medium firm or in the firm it stills provides a soft feel .so these mattresses are usually liked by fat people as they need firm support with a soft feel. Moreover, the heat releasing of latex mattress is better than memory foam .it has good ventilation that reduces the body temperature at night.

But the poor edge support is a problem of latex matrasses as the person sitting at side might experience a sinking effect. The good side of latex mattresses is that they are very durable the average life is 8 years and more. Which makes latex matrasses one of most durable mattress type. Also, these mattresses can be more durable if the density of latex used is more.

3 – Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses consist of one layer of foam with a steel coil base. The innerspring mattresses are better known for providing firm support to the body. The firmness of these mattresses ranges from medium-firm to firm.

These mattresses are recommended for people who are suffering from back problems and are back sleepers. the open structure of innerspring mattresses allows the air to pass through them and it helps in lowering the body temperature during sleep. Moreover, the coils of innerspring mattresses are placed in a uniform structure that provides a good support through all the surface of the mattress. Due to this, these mattresses have good edge support. The life of innerspring mattresses are less as they last only 5 to 6 years .which is lesser than other types of mattresses.

4 – Gel Foam Mattresses

Gel foam mattresses consist of a gel foam layer at the top with a support core layer at the base. The base layer can be of poly foam or memory foam. The thickness of these mattresses ranges from 10 to 12 inches. Which is the recommended thickness for fat people? Besides this gel foam is medium firm and are good for heavy people as they want firm support to avoid sagging. Also, these mattresses are good for side sleepers and back sleeps as it provides the body the right alignment.

The gel used in these mattresses provides a cooling effect and minimizes the sleeping hot problem usually found in mattresses. Moreover, the gel foam mattresses have good edge support which is better than the memory foam but not up to the level of innerspring. These mattresses are most durable with an average life of 8 to 10 years.

5 – Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are composed of multiple layers. The first layer consists of a two-inch memory or latex foam comfort layer. Then after this layer is a pocketed coil that is enclosed in the foam. The base layer of hybrid mattresses is made from memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are 10 to 16 inches thick. And provide firm support to the body.

These mattresses are medium firm that is recommended for side sleepers and back sleepers. The open cell construction of these mattresses provides a good ventilation system .due to this sleeping hot problem is not an issue in hybrid mattresses .moreover the well-balanced structure of these mattresses provides good edge support. The durability of the mattress is good as it last 6 to 7 years which is more than an innerspring mattress.

Best Mattresses For Heavy People Conclusion

As in this articles we discussed multiple things form why we need a special mattress for heavy people to things to follow and consider while buying the mattress for heavy. Analyzed the different components of the mattress and their types.

Hence the main thing is which mattress you will buy now. Based on my knowledge and experience. I would recommend you some mattress which is also mentioned in this article.

Sapira Mattress is a hybrid mattress with multiple layers and 10 years warranty. The price of this mattress is $1575 which is quite high. Moreover, Novosbed Mattress is one of the best mattresses with the best quality and decent price. It comes with a 15year warranty and its price is $ 999.

Another is the mattress with the lowest price but its quality is Layla Mattress the major benefit of this mattress it comes with a lifetime warranty and its price is $699 only. Lastly is the Purple Bed they are made of a new type of foam and innovative technology is used in this mattress. It comes with 10 years warranty and its price is $999.I hope this article will help you in buying the mattress .if you have any questions feel free to contact us or comment on this post.

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