Best Memory Foam MattressesThis article is all about your comfort. How to get maximum relaxation after coming back home from the office? How to ease up yourself by replacing one of your basic products? How to get relief from the hectic routine and can enjoy a sound sleep?

All answers to your questions are elaborated in this article. We all live in a world where money is all a person desires for, but while collecting the treasures and fulfilling our desires we forget to get that personal time that is needed to heal ourselves. We all require certain relaxations and sound sleep.

Now a day, back pain is being common to avoid having backaches. One needs a comfortable mattress to lay. You might be wondering how a mattress can provide you with the relief of backaches but after going through this article you will get all the required answers for replacing your mattresses with memory foam mattress.

This article contains a detailed discussion about memory foam mattress from its benefits to its features and with the recommendations about the best mattress. Top 10 best mattresses are discussed below with their features, different sizes, and pricing for you to choose the best out of all according to your requirements.

11 Best Memory Foam Mattresses Reviews 2019

Names Rating Sizes Price
#1 Tempur-Pedic Cloud Good pressure relief Double
Check Price
#2 Sealy Optimum Elation Gold Breathable Queen
Check Price
#3 Ameri sleep AS3 Bouncy surface King bed
Check Price
#4 Serta iComfort Prodigy III Pocketed coils, breathable King bed
Check Price
#5 Layla Luxury style, little springs King
Check Price
#6 Loom and Leaf Good support Queen
Check Price
#7 Bear Good firm level Queen  Check Price
#8 Nectar Good motion isolation Full
Check Price
#9 Sleep Innovations Shiloh Good temperature control Queen bed
Check Price
#10 Zinus Good temperature control King  Check Price

1. Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze Mattress

Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze MattressTempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze is the best foam mattress with 4 to 5 layers that provide the best comfort.

Cooling layer: It is a cover made up of a smooth fabric that lets the air pass through. It has a certain cooling technology that lets the surface cool down for a sound sleep.
Comfort layer: This layer is the second layer that takes away the body heat. Pure cool is injected with an extra soft TEMPUR-ES material.
Support layer: It draws away all the excessive heat that is infused in the mattress. It contains an ultra-breathable layer that supports the mattress to perform better by controlling the temperature.
Base layer: It provides a base for all 3 layers by diffusing heat from the mattress.   

TEMPUR-Contour Elite Breeze is the firmest mattress. It offers 3 other mattresses that provide softer and softest firmness. It provides the kind of firmness that ensures proper balancing of the body.

This Foam mattress absorbs motions which helps in not disturbing another person sleeping beside. Motion isolation is basically not creating any disturbance while a person gets up or changes his or her position.

It is the musty smell that is generated when a mattress is brand new but it is disposed of as soon as time passes. Off-gassing is experienced due to the chemicals used in the mattresses.

Sleeping in any position provides you the edge support as the mattress itself hug you up. The layers that provide a complete sense of security will never let you feel as if you are about to fall. It is perfect in any position whether you are sleeping with your back support for side support.

It is the best mattress as it becomes squishier when exposed to warmer temperature. The mattress is firmer when it is in the cool temperature and takes several minutes to absorb sleeper’s body heat and make it softer.

This incredible foam mattress provides 90 days of trial period. 10 years of warranty is provided when the mattress is purchased which is a long time span.

The Tempur-Pedic mattress is one of the finest mattresses that is best and suitable for people with back pains. It completely balances your body and ensures your body gets full support while your back gets relaxed and do not feel any pain.


  • It provides more comfortable support as it has a coil layer.
  • It has a plush layer which maximizes the comfort.
  • Tempur-Pedic provides 90 days trial period.
  • It has a cooling layer that gives you soothing effect.


  • It is expensive.
  • It is not recommendable in high-temperature regions.

2. Sealy Optimum Elation Gold Mattress

Sealy Optimum Elation Gold MattressSealy has 3 layers that support the mattress and provides comfort. The first layer is made up of OptiCool Gel Foam with the layer of golden fabric that provides a smooth and soft sense of touch. The textured fabric helps the moisture to dry.

It is the middle layer of the mattress with OptiSense gel memory foam that provides support according to the body curves without forcing back the body weight. This layer regulates the temperature of the mattress and body. Outlast is used in this layer which is composed of the fibers phase change material that reduces the temperature.

Its base layer is infused with the Opticore gel foam that helps to create more support for the mattress. It determines the level of comfortableness.

It provides the plush level of firmness. It possesses a medium level of firmness and it is best for side, stomach and back sleepers.

This mattress provides better motion isolation. Motion isolation prevents the disturbance caused by the other person while getting up or shifting his or her position. Motion isolation fills up space when a person leaf.

Off-gassing is the initial odor which brands new mattresses possess. Fortunately, Sealy Optimum Elation Gold Mattress does not expose much of off-gassing like other mattresses.

This mattress varies in offering edge support. The premium models provide a high level of edge support even the consumer can sleep and sit near its edges without falling off whereas its essential models do not offer such edge support.

It offers temperature control. If it is exposed to hot temperature it becomes mild and soft whereas if it is exposed to cold temperature it possesses firmness. The gel technology absorbs the body temperature and gives a restful sleep.

It provides 10 years of warranty but the trial period depends on the retailer.

Sealy Optimum Elation Gold Mattress is best for people who want to have better edge support while sitting or sleeping. People usually demands the mattresses that have edge support so they are free from the fear of falling.


  • It is easily available in stores.
  • It has comfortable layers.
  • It has several models according to the level of firmness.


  • Consumers complain about the heat retention.

3. Serta iComfort Prodigy III Mattress

Serta iComfort Prodigy III MattressTop layer which provides the best pressure release. It has support which is enhanced by the titanium support beads. It reduces the heat which is emitted through the sleeper’s body.

The second layer which provides substantial presence. It offers all those benefits which are already in the first layer. The third layer provides the unchangeable experience which consumer can face due to variation in temperature. The fourth layer which provides firm support at the bottom of the mattress.

The layer which lets the consumer sit or sleep at the edges without being afraid of falling down.

It gives firmness with the smoothness and softness. The firmness varies on the models as well. It is the medium range of firm mattresses.

It provides better motion isolation which helps you to have a sound sleep without experiencing any disturbance when the partner shifts or gets up in the middle of the night. It reverts the place which has been applied more force and does not affect other areas of the mattress.

It does not offer any off-gassing which makes it more convenient and ready to use as soon as the mattress reaches your doorstep.

This mattress offers ultimate edge support foam which gives firm support to your body and does not make it uncomfortable for you to have a sound sleep. You can enjoy restful sleep without being scared of falling off from the edges.

Ever temperature technology provides great control over room, body and mattress temperature. This mattress has the ability to regulate the heat and provides cooling temperature which makes you have a desirable sleep. This mattress has 10 years of warranty.

Serta iComfort Prodigy III Mattress is best for the people who are concerned about the appearance of the mattress as well as the reduction in temperature. It consists of multiple technologies as well as layers which make the mattress more comfortable and attractive.


  • It has an attractive appearance.
  • It prevents heat retention.


  • It is heavier in terms of weight.

4. Sleep Innovations Shiloh Mattress

Sleep Innovations Shiloh MattressThe top layer of Shiloh mattress is 2.5 in length. It provides relief from pressure points and allows the air to pass through the memory foam. It prevents heat to pass through.

This layer lets the air pass through the air channel foam by supplying air to all of the edges of the mattress which helps it to reduce high body and mattress temperature. It is 2.5 inches in length.

The base layer is of 7 inches in length. It provides firm support to the mattress. It does not let the mattress to sag away. It helps in reducing pressure.

It has a variety of medium soft to medium firm mattresses. It offers the middle range in terms of firmness. It supports side, stomach and back sleepers.

The support foam consists of elastic polymers that react to kinetic energy and does not make any vibration. This Shiloh Mattress has better motion isolation which does not disturb the partner sleeping beside you.

This mattress does not expose off any unpleasant odor as it is given a specific time period for off-gassing the smell.

It provides better edge support that does not let the consumer falls off the bed. The consumer feels secure and safe while sitting near edges or sleeping.

It gives better air ventilation that does not let the mattress to be high in temperature. It has an air channel foam that lets the air pass through and does not affect body and mattress temperature.

It has 20 years of warranty that is exceptional.

This mattress is for the people who are all set to enjoy the pleasant sleep with heat retention and relaxation to your body that they cannot imagine. With such qualities and so many features, this is a must buy product.

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  • It has triple layers that do not let it be hot.
  • It provides better motion isolation.
  • It gives more than the average lifespan.


  • The cover is unable to be removed.

5. Amerisleep AS3 Mattress

Amerisleep AS3 MattressAmerisleep AS3 has 3 layers in its composition. The layer in which the body intercommunicate with the mattress. This layer provides the sense of comfortability. It is the middle layer which has the responsive feel and it shapes the mattress according to the body needs. It is the base layer that gives firm support to the mattress and does not let the human body to sink into it.

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress has a wide range of firmness which is from extra plush, plush, medium plush, medium firm and firm. Firm mattresses are recommendable for those sleepers who like to sleep on their back or stomach. Extra plush mattresses are for the ones who love to sleep on their sides.

It has great motion isolation as it does not allow the movement of a person to create a disturbance for another person. It absorbs the movement of the human body.

These mattresses do not expose any unpleasant odor as they are CertiPUR?The US certified and they do not use any chemicals instead they use plant-based materials. Off-gassing usually occurs when a new mattress is unpacked.

These mattresses support the body weight and do not let the person fall off, but when a high level of weight is applied to the edges it may result in weaker support.

These mattresses consist of such foams that have open cells which let the air flow fluently. It uses polyester and spandex blended fabric which allows the sleeper to have a sound sleep while keeping the mattress dry and cool. It offers 20 years of warranty which is a great span.

The most important thing that makes it extremely unique and highly recommended is it?s no chemical ingredient that assures 100% satisfaction and protection from different diseases. So, people who are tired from the chemical-infused mattresses that they own then people must pick this one today.

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  • It does not use chemical instead they use the plant-based material.
  • It provides 100 days trial period.
  • It consists of quality material.


  • It is not easy to carry.

6. Nectar Mattress

Nectar MattressIt is made up of gel foam which provides the comfort with the cooling effect. it uses the gel which helps to absorb the heat of the sleeper’s body.

This layer is 3 inches in length and it provides contour and support to the body. It is made up of specialized foam that is a supportive layer between the base firm layer and comfortable top layers.

It is the thickest foundation layer which is firm and supportive. This layer helps the mattress to stay firm and does not let the body to sink in. It is the breathable layer.

It is ideal for sleepers as it scored 5 out of 10 in firmness test. It is medium in the range of firmness. People perceive the firmness in different ways regarding the weights and sizes of the mattresses.

Motion isolation is basically the transfer of movement that a person experience when another person is tossing up and down or getting in or off the bed.

These mattresses do not provide any odor as they are chemical free products. Off-gassing usually occurs when chemicals have certain reactions.

This mattress does offer edge support while sitting at the edge. The person feels supportive from the corner as well as the center which gives the sense of security.

Nectar mattresses are covered with Tencel cooling top which absorbs the heat and let the mattress and body temperature cool down. This mattress provides a great air flow which lets it be cooled enough for a better sleep. It provides a lifetime warranty which is the most unique and attractive feature.

It has 0% usage of chemicals and it is 100% score mattress that will surely meet up to the expectations of the people who want the chemical free product. It is best for the people who have complaints regarding heat temperature while sleeping.

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  • It offers a lifetime warranty.
  • It is a chemically free product.
  • It provides 365 days of trial.


  • It does not provide plushness.

7. Bear Mattress

Bear MattressBear has the breathable top layer which rebuilds the body?s natural energy. This layer helps the human body to perform well. The first layer absorbs the body energy and temperature while the second layer composed of gel helps the mattress to retain the cooling temperature.

The third layer is used for spinal alignment and produce responsive bouncing activity. It gives long lasting reliability and durability. It is a base layer which is firm and supportive. It has scored 6-6.5 out of 10 which is a medium range in terms of firmness heading towards firm mattress. However, the person will experience soft and comfortable initially as the first layer is the softest.

The first layer prevents better isolation regarding the lighter weights. Motion isolation is the transformation of movement from one place to another without creating any undesirable disturbance.

The mattress does offer some off-gassing odor which is bearable to an extent. These mattresses do not have off-gassing as compared to other mattresses.

This mattress gives firm edge support. It provides strong edge support at the end of the mattress. While sitting near to edge can make your body sink.

Bear has the graphite infused foam which has the ability to cool the mattress more efficiently. The bear mattress has the ability to cool down the surface. It provides 10 years of warranty.

So, if you are the one that is worried and has the problem of sleeping because of their body temperature then this mattress will surely help you out. Not only that it will release your back pain and increase the strength of the body during your sleep. This is a better option for people who side sleepers as it provides better motion isolation for those who are light in terms of weight.

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  • It lets the body temperature cooled down.
  • It reduces backaches.
  • It provides great value for money.


  • It does not support heavier weight.

8. Layla Mattress

Layla MattressThis is the top layer which reduces heat by transferring it out of the mattress. It provides better compression support. This layer is antimicrobial which means it prevents from microbes. It gives the soft and comfortable feel.

It is the second layer which is 2 inches in length and it allows maximum airflow. It provides deep convolution. It is the third layer which provides firm core support to the mattress. It is 4.5 inches in length which provide better support to the mattress and does not let the mattress sink.

It is the last layer which has all the features of the first layer. it provides better heat reduction and deep compression support. It has the firm support that it a bit stiff than being soft. it is antimicrobial.

It comes with uniqueness as this mattress fulfills all your required needs. You don’t need to buy 2 different mattresses regarding the firmness range. This mattress provides soft and firm sides both in one mattress. The soft side of the mattress scores 3 to 4 and the firm side scores 6 to 7 out of 10.

Layla possesses zero motion transfer which is best for the people whose partners always toss up and down and creates a disturbance. This mattress won’t let u experience such unpleasantness.

It does not offer any off-gassing that may last more than a day. This mattress is made up of water and food materials and does not contain any petroleum-based material which will omit unpleasant odor.

Layla provides edge support at an average level. It does not give a great firm edge support but surely it provides better edge support due to its several layers of memory foams.

It is a good heat conductor. The Thermo gel technology lets the mattress to cool down quickly by making the mattress surface cool and soothing. It provides 120 days of trial period. The warranty is for a lifetime which is a great benefit.

Layla mattress is a dual-purpose mattress that provides firm and soft both mattress. It is the finest memory foam mattress for people who require soft and firm mattresses. It has multiple layers which give the body more contour and relief from pressure points. This mattress is recommendable for couples.


  • It gives 2 sides of firmness. Soft as well as firm.
  • It provides a lifetime warranty.
  • It gives strong motion transfer.


  • It exposed some off-gassing.

9. Loom and Leaf Mattress

Loom and Leaf MattressIt has four different layers that provide support and comfortability. It is the top layer which is made up of conforming gel that gives a comfortable feel. It is 2 inches in length. That gel lets the pressure to perform slowly.

This layer is composed of viscoelasticity memory foam in high density. This layer contours the body shape and curves of the human body. It provides relief from pressure.

It provides the sense of security by being supportive to the sleeper. It is a transitional foam which supports the weight of the body. It is 5.5 inches in length composed of polyfoam. It provides shape and firm support being a base layer.

Loom and leaf mattress provides a medium range in firmness. This mattress terms to be soft and a bit firm at the same time. It is average in transferring motion. Motion isolation cannot be termed so well in case of loom and leaf mattress as its gel formula makes it a bit weaker in absorbing the movement of the partners.

This mattress provides great firm edge support and does not let you feel as if you are falling off the bed. You can easily enjoy sleeping near edges as the top layer contours the body and hugs it back.

This mattress does not let the body temperature and mattress temperature disturb your sleep. It reduces heat by its Termo gel technology.  It provides 120 days for home trial and it gives 15 years of warranty.

These mattresses are eco-friendly products. It is not exposed to any chemicals and will not cause any harm to the human body. These mattresses are best for stomach sleeper as it provides comfortable layers. It is best for those people who prefer softness.

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  • It is a chemical free product.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It provides better heat reduction


  • It does not provide firm edge support.

10. Zinus Mattress

Zinus MattressThis layer is known as a comfort layer. It provides the smoothness and soft feeling. This layer contours the body shape and allows the body curves to adjust.

It is the second layer which is known as a support layer. This layer provides support to the top and the base layer. It works as a transitional layer. It is known as a foundation layer. It is the last layer that gives shapes to the base of the mattress.

Zinus mattress scored 6 out of 10 in firmness scale. It is slightly above the medium range of firmness.

The top layer is gel infused which is 3 inches in length that do not transfer movement of one area to another area. It does not create any disturbance.

This mattress does not offer any off-gassing or unpleasant odor even in the earlier days of unpacking the new mattress. This point is the strong feature. It does not give firm edge support like those mattresses that have coil technique used in them. This mattress is a bit weaker in edge support.

Zinus offers cooling gel technology that reduces heat but to a limit where it stops absorbing the heat. This mattress reduces heat and provides a cooling surface. It provides a limited warranty of 10 years.

Zinus mattress is a multilayer which provides restful sleep by its cooling gel technology. It is a better choice for couples who can enjoy disturbance-free sleep.

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  • It has a small element of off-gassing.
  • It provides a high density of air flow.


  • It offers limited 10 years of warranty.

Features You Must Note

memory foam mattress
Construction –
 Foam mattress is made up of several layers which contain latex foams, memory foam, memory foam hybrid mixes and high-density foam. The foundation layer is made up of high-density foam to support other layers. Rest of the mattress layers are made up of the combination of memory hybrid foam, latex foam, and memory foam.

FirmnessFirmness – The firmness of these mattresses can be measured by IFD. IFD stands for indentation force deflection which is a test for foam firmness. When foam scores under 18 it is a foam mattress as it is softer and when it scores more than 18 till 30 it is the firmer form and is used in the supporting layers of the mattresses.

Motion Isolation – This feature is another perk that lets the circulation of motion when pressure is formed on one side of the mattress it does not affect another sides and parts. It may reduce the disruptions when any person changes his or her position or gets up from the mattress.

Off-gassing – Off gassing is a term which defines the unusual smell one experience when buying a new mattress due to the chemical reactions. The smell is usually caused as the mattress is made up of synthetic materials. Off-gassing takes place in many products like the smell you inhale when the paint is dried up etc. Off-gassing happens when VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) break down.

Edge SupportEdge Support – Edge support lies in its abilities of pressure relieving. Foam mattresses do not need the same edge supports as other mattresses need. Some mattreswill not give edge support as they lack in quality.

Temperature – One of its unique features is its temperature sensitivity. Memory foam mattress possesses more flexibility while kept at a higher temperature as hot temperature lets it fluidity increase and makes it more flexible. In cool temperature, it performs oppositely and the mattress becomes rigid and stiff. Best Foam mattress provides better control over temperatures.

Warranty – All mattresses provide different warranties according to their rules and regulations. Warranties differ from state to state.

What Are The Benefits To Have Memory Foam?

best memory foam mattress
It was designed in early of 1960’s for NASA. Memory foam mattress is made up of viscoelastic which is a soft substance that provides a soothing effect by absorbing. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

best foam mattressRelief through pressure points: Due to laying in a certain position for a long time a person can face some muscular in comfortability. The viscoelastic substance let the body adjust within the mattress without forcing it to stay firm and is also medically treated.

It supports spinal cord: It let the body curves to accommodate through the mattress and supports the body postures without pushing it back.

It prevents pain: The human body requires a sound sleep to minimize its pain and rebuild itself. Foam mattress is the best option for Lessing up the pain as it does not stay firm and lets the body position to adjust accordingly.

You can enjoy every position: You can sleep in your desired position without having any muscular pain or strains. It molds the mattress in the shape of your body which lets you feel relaxed.

Hypo-allergenic: It is a better option for people with allergic issues as it does not let pet dander and other insects to get absorb in the mattress and cause allergies.

Types of Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam mattress reviews
There are 5 types of mattresses which are discussed below in this article. You can have an idea of all the types of mattresses.

1. Traditional Foam

It was introduced in the mids of 1990?s. It is composed of the materials made up of petroleum-based polyurethane foam which helps in absorbing the body temperature. This foam lets the mattress soften up when exposed to some warmth. The mattress gets firm when exposed to high temperature of coolness. It contours the body and adjust according to its shape. This traditional foam gives the best satisfaction.

It helps in better blood circulation in the human body. The traditional foam provides multiple of benefits like it can give you a better surrounding for having a sound sleep. It improves better blood circulation and gives relief to the body through pressure points. It does not push back the body weight like other spring mattresses.

2. Open Cell Foam

It has the open cell technology which helps the airflow rapidly. The mattress is composed of some balloon-like cells that surround the air passing area which reduces the heat and temperature and provides a cooling effect. It absorbs the body temperature the reproduce the air effect.

3. Gel Memory Foam

It is one of the recent foam that has gel technology in it. The gel technology reduces the heating temperature of the human body as well as the mattress surface. The gel technology is infused in the standard foam through tiny beads. The brand that uses this gel technology is Serta.

This company uses the bead infusion process. The gel foam absorbs the body temperature and gives a cooling effect. There is a certain point at which the microbeads do not absorb further heat. This gel memory mattress is an eco-friendly product and it does not absorb much of the dust.

It was free from the other chemicals and provides protection against allergy. This type of mattress is best for those who experience back and body aches as it will reduce the pressure points and increase blood circulation which provides better sleep.

4. Air cool Foam

This foam lets the body temperature cools down really quickly as it reduces heat by passing air through the mattress. Traditional foams and gel foam to reduce the heat to an extent but fail to deduct the heat completely.

Air cool foam uses air cool technology that has open wide cells which let the temperature to be reduced by passing air through. This foam excludes the extra heat that is produced due to the surrounding temperature. This memory foam distributes hot temperature evenly.

5. Plant Based or Eco Foam

The plant-based mattress is also known as a green mattress. This foam does not use any chemicals. It is environmental friendly as well as human-friendly. Amerisleep mattresses possess zero toxin chemicals whereas plant-based foams may vary according to the manufacturers. Plant-based foams are more reliable for heat reduction as they pass air thoroughly.

These mattresses result in better heat reduction than gel foams and traditional foams. The wide-open cells let the air pass through rapidly. These mattresses are composed of plant-based oils and materials that do not cause any harm. These mattresses are chemical free. Off-gassing will be produced but in a minimal quantity. The plant-based technology allows more breathability to the mattress.

Best Memory Foam Mattresses Conclusion

foam mattressIn the end, if you are still confused that which mattress suits you then you should go for Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze Mattress that assures a pleasant sleep even for those who have back pain. For couples, we recommend the best ever Layla mattress that provides the experience of soft layers with heat retention.

We recommend Nectar mattresses for the heavy people because it comes with a long-time guarantee and it has a sturdy construction so your body can feel relax. In the end, for teenagers, we have the Amerisleep AS3 Mattress that is just perfect because it is made with natural components that makes it totally chemical free.

As these were our top 10 picks above, so you can choose any of them. We assure that everyone has their own qualities and experiences and no one will disappoint your expectations.

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