Bloom vs Endy mattress are both bed-in-a=box options. Both the mattress brands are based in Canada and offer their customers comfortable, memory foam mattresses that come in a small box packing.

Bloom was launched in 2017 while Endy was launched in 2015. Bloom is a relatively new market competitor when compared with Endy. Bloom mattresses are manufactured in China and sold in Canada.

On the other hand, Endy is manufactured and sold in Canada. Both the brands are well-known and they have managed to make a good brand name and a customer base.

Endy provides its customers with single firmness mattresses and believes that it has the right firmness to fit in the needs of all customers. On the other side, Bloom is famous for its Radio jingle.

Endy and Bloom are both reasonably priced and they manage to target a wide range of customers. Both the brands provide the customers with a trial period, warranty and free shipping.

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Bloom vs Endy Company Comparison

Company Overview  Endy  Bloom
Launched in  2015 2017
Price (Queen size) $850 CAD $995 CAD
Available in  Canada  Canada 
Manufactured in Canada  China
Trial period  100 nights 100 nights
Warranty period  10 years 10 years
Discounts None None
Layers 3 4

Bloom vs Endy: Pros & Cons

Each product comes with its own pros and cons. It just depends on the choice of the customer which pros would be better for them. The Endy mattress has many pros which include its firmness.

Endy Pros & Cons: The Endy has a statement which says, ‘one mattress fits all’. This means its firmness is balanced and it will meet the comfort level for the majority of the sleepers. The Endy mattress is an established brand name as compared to the recent invader, Bloom.

The Endy mattress has good motion isolation and a low level of Bounce. This is preferred by many individuals. The price of the Endy mattress also adds to its pros. The queen size of the mattress comes at $850 CAD and this provides the customers with value for money.

The Endy mattress also helps to release the body pain and the pressure of sleepers to ensure that they wake up fresh. The Endy mattress also provides the customers with a full refund in case they don’t like the mattress.

There are not many cons for the Endy mattress. The only problem with it is the lie edge support. The edge support of the Endy mattress is weak. Another problem with Endy mattress is that the company does not mention it covers to be eco-friendly 

The pros of the Bloom mattress includes the Edge support. The Bloom mattress has excellent edge support that most of the foam mattresses lack in.

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Bloom Pros & Cons: The Bloom mattress also helps to maintain a cool temperature on top of the mattress as it’s comfort layer is made of gel visco filled with latex in the center. The cover of the Bloom mattress is made with organic cotton that is also eco-friendly.

Now coming towards the cons of the Bloom mattress. The Bloom mattress is a bit thicker as compared to other bed-in-a-box options and the Endy mattress.

The price of the Bloom mattress is more than Endy and individuals who prefer a budget-friendly option would not want it. The Bloom mattress does not provide the customers with a refund if they don’t like the mattress in the trial period, instead, the customers are only provided with in-store credits. 

 Type of Sleeper Is Best Suited For?

The Endy mattress is best suited for individuals who want a mattress with an ideal firmness and the right amount of hug. It is also preferable for sleepers who want to reduce their joint pains and release body pressure. However, Endy mattress might not be a good choice for the individuals who want great edge support in their mattress.

On the contrary, Bloom mattress is suited to the sleepers who want a significant hug while sleeping. It is also good for those sleepers who want great edge support in their mattress.

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Bloom vs Endy Cover & Layers 

Cover and Layers  Endy Bloom
Mattress height  10 inches 10.5 inches 
Number of Layers 3 4
First Layer  2 inch Endy foam 1-inch gel memory foam

1-inch gel visco memory foam with latex center

Second Layer 3-inch polyurethane foam 1-inch visco memory foam
Third Layer 5-inch polyurethane support foam 7.5-inch polyurethane support foam
Cover material  Polyester and Lycra Polyester and Organic cotton 
Machine washable  Yes  Yes

Endy Mattress Layers: The Endy mattress is made of 3 layers of different foams in order to provide a comfortable experience to the sleepers.

The first layer of the mattress is made of 2 inch Endy foam. This foam is manufactured by Endy for its mattresses and it allows the mattress to maintain an ideal temperature on the top.

The second layer of the mattress is made of 3-inch polyurethane foam. This layer helps to support the mattress while adding the transition to it.

The third layer of the mattress is made of 5-inch polyurethane support foam. This layer is the final layer of the mattress and helps to give it the required structure. It also prevents the sleepers from sinking in too deep and it makes the mattress more firm.

Bloom Mattress Layers: The Bloom mattress is made up of 4 layers. The comfort layer of the mattress consists of two parts.

The first layer is made of 1-inch gel memory foam. This layer of the mattress helps in heat regulation so a cool temperature could be maintained on the top.

The second layer of the mattress is made of gel visco memory foam with latex center. The latex filled center helps to provide additional support and comfort. This layer also helps to release body pressure.

The third layer of the mattress is made of 1-inch gel visco memory foam. This is the transitional layer of the mattress. The layer adds comfort and support to the mattress.

The final layer of the mattress is made of 7.5-inch of polyurethane support foam. This layer of the mattress provides it with its structure and firmness. This layer stops the sleepers from sinking in too deep.

Endy Cover: The cover of Endy mattress is made of a mix of polyester and Lycra. The top of the cover has a diamond knit pattern in white color while the sides are made of a more heavy duty fabric in grey color.

The Lycra mix with polyester helps to add a stretch to the cover. The cover can be easily removed and it is machine washable. However, unlike Bloom mattress cover, Endy does not mention their mattress cover to be eco-friendly. 

Bloom  Cover: The cover of Bloom mattress is made of polyester and organic cotton. The cover is of white color and has a unique design of top that looks like ‘B’. The cover of Bloom mattress is eco-friendly as it is made up of organic cotton. The cover can be machine washed and it is easy to remove as well. 

Motion Isolation & Edge Support

The most common problem faced by customers when buying a foam mattress is edge support. Sleepers do not find good edge support in memory foam mattresses and often prefer spring mattresses for better edge support. However, edge support is not a problem in the case of Endy and Bloom.

Endy is rated to be 4.3 out of 10 in edge support while Bloom is rated to be 7.1 out of 10 in edge support.

The edge support that Bloom offers is quite impressive for a memory foam mattress.Its edge support is considered to be good and above average. The edge support of Endy is not very good and it is considered to be of below average.

Motion isolation is a very important aspect of a memory foam mattress. It is the main reason individuals especially couples prefer a memory foam mattress over an innerspring mattress.

The motion isolation of both Endy and Bloom is good and it is considered to be above average. Both the mattresses are rated to be 6.9 out of 10 in motion isolation which is quite good. Both the mattresses are recommended to those individuals who want to share the mattress but want to sleep peacefully.

The better the motion isolation of a mattress the lower will be the bounce. The Endy and Bloom mattress has the same level of motion isolation but their bounce levels are slightly different.

Endy mattress is rated 2.5 out of 10 in Bounce while Bloom is rated to be 3.2 out of 10 in bounce. Endy is below average in Bounce while Bloom is considered to be average in Bounce.

Bloom vs Endy Firmness

The feel and firmness of Endy and Bloom mattress are quite different from each other. Both Endy and Bloom fall under the category of a medium firm mattress but their feel is different.

Endy mattress gives the sleepers a significant hug and it is 6.4 out of 10 on the firmness scale. On the contrary, Bloom is rated to be 5.8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The Bloom mattress does not provide a lot of hug feel and it is less firm when compared with Endy.

However, when measuring the firmness both the mattresses are considered to be of medium firmness. Endy mattress is more firm when compared with Bloom. Some individuals have found Bloom to be on the more soft side.  

Firmness and Feel Endy Bloom
Feel Medium Firm Medium Firm
Firmness  6.4 /10 5.8 /10
Edge Support 4.3 /10 7.1 /10
Motion Isolation  6.9 /10 6.9 /10
Bounce  2.5 /10 3.2 /10

Price, Shipping and Warranty

Both Bloom and Endy mattresses are delivered to the customers within 3 to 10 working days once the order has been placed. There are no shipping charges for both the mattresses and both the companies provide free shipping. 

Bloom and Endy mattress, both give a 10-year warranty with each of their mattresses. Not only this, but customers are also offered a 100 night trial period, in case the customers don’t like the mattress they can return it. Endy provides a full refund on a return while Bloom provides the customers with in-store credits. 

The price of a standard queen size Endy mattress is $850 CAD. But as the sizes change the prices also vary. The larger the size of the mattress, the higher will be the price. The price of a standard queen size Bloom mattress is $995 CAD. However, the prices vary according to the sizes. The Bloom mattress is more expensive as compared to Endy mattress. 

Price, Shipping, and Warranty  Endy Bloom
Shipping Cost None None
Shopping Time 3-10 working days 3-10 working days
Warranty  10 years 10 years
Trial period  100 nights 100 nights
Refund  Full Refund In-store credit 
Price (Queen Size) $850 CAD $995 CAD

Bloom vs Endy Mattress Comparison – Conclusion 

When comparing Bloom and Endy mattress, Endy is a better choice for most of the individuals. The firmness of Endy mattress suits all kind of sleepers as it is just the perfect kind of firmness. While the Bloom mattress is considered to be on a more soft side.

The shipping cost and trial period of both the brands are same but Endy provides a full refund in case the customer does not like the mattress. On the other hand, Bloom just gives in-store credits.

The heat resistance of Endy mattress is also better than Bloom mattress. Budget is one of the most important aspects for some of the individuals.

Endy mattress is a more budget-friendly option when compared with Bloom mattress. When calculating all the aspects of both the mattresses, the Endy mattress is better.


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