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Endy Mattress Review 2019

endy mattress reviewEndy mattress is the invention of Endy Sleep Company. The company is located in Canada and manufacturing all their products in Canada. It is made of a special first layer of memory foam. It is a softer mattress and offering good services in shipping & delivery.

The company is not behind to provide good return policies. It is not a firmed mattress but it is softer and good for side sleepers.

The company was started in 2015 and aims to provide good services in shopping sleep products. The Endy Sleep serving in mattresses, pillows, sheets and developing their productions to grow up more advance foam layers. The company believes to provide a good mattress to everyone with good price ranges and all qualities.

Endy Mattress Size & Price

Endy sleep has developed all the attractive features of other mattress companies. Endy mattress is coming in six sizes with the same attractive titles to remember quickly about the size differences.

Those are starting with the price from Canadian $650 to $950 only. So it is coming in so much competitive price ranges. While every size is suitable for kids and adult sleeper.

” Here is the size chart for a better view of measurements “

Twin39W” x 75L” 10″
Twin Extra Long (XL) 39W” x 80L” 10″
Full 54W” x 75L” 10″
Queen 60W” x 80L” 10″
King 76W” x 80L” 10″
California King 72W” x 84L” 10″

” All sizes are containing a height of 10 inches. But all are different in measurements of width and length “

endy vs casper

  • TheTwin is the smallest mattress size currently on the market. It comes 39 inches of width and 75 inches in length. So the kids can enjoy the active sleep on this mattress happily. The mattress is designed especially for kids. Kids are always active sleepers and they like to move around the whole bed while sleeping. This mattress is also good for day-time sittings or for short time living apartments. It was designed with very organized measurements so it can suitable for the standard length of the adult individual as well. Students can carry this for hostel rooms for a single adult sleeper.
  • The Twin XL is actually the single bed. Many markets, it has been called as a single bed mattress. It is not wider than twin size mattress but it is longer than twin size mattress. It is best for an adult sleeper with some extra length to adjust him at best sleeping area.
  • The Full-size is the double bed. It is called as a double bed in the market. The mattress Full size coming in 54 inches wide and 75 inches for the length. It is best when you have to share your bed with the second sleeper or with your pets. It is quite a mini double bed.

endy mattress price

  • The Queen Size mattress is actually the best fit size mattress for an adult couple. It is coming with 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. It is the most famous mattress size in current days for an active couple. It has the full length of adult people and its width size allows the couple to sleep actively. It has a weight of 66 lb only. Endy sleep selling this mattress with price CAD 850 only. So it is a quite best package, affordable, comfortable, and best for sizing needs.
  • The King is the large size mattress which comes with some more width than the Queen Size mattress. It has developed with some extra measurement to secure more sleeping needs. Such as, it is for those who like to share their bed with pets. The King size mattress designed to provide the luxury sleep to adult active sleepers.
  • The California King Size mattress is the special largest size of a mattress. It is for the short family who likes to share their bed with kid and pets.

Whenever you are going to choose your mattress size then you should be careful to look at your room size as well. As for this California King Size mattress, you must have the largest size of a room. Or maybe the room which you hold for night sleep only.

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Endy Mattress Review All Other Details

endy mattress reviews
The Endy mattress is coming with comfort foam layer. It is softer than any other. Being the softer mattress, it is warm and provides relax sleep. But it has a cool cover which was designed to provide breathability to the mattress so it is the cool mattress as well.

It is a good choice for side-sleepers. It is comfortable more than any firmed mattress. It has a great lavish feel for the comfort finders. Endy sleep is not working with any agents or retailers. The plus point is to have a value purchase. Once you buy the mattress, it will come straight from the Canadian factory to your doorstep.

We tested many mattresses. As per our view, it was great and did a good job with us. So here we will share each point for your review as well. Everyone can get the unique idea from this review according to their sleeping needs. Most of the consumers will find it best at their choice.

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

endy review
It has made of three layers of different specifications of foam. The best part of every mattress is the height. The mattress containing a height of 10 inches and it is the best suitable for the perfection of sleep.

It is quite a convenient foam mattress and because if this, the mattress is softer than any other mattress in the market. Here is best point addition to Endy mattress. It is softer because of its memory foam layer at the top but it has balanced the softness with firmness. It has quality in construction as the bottom two layers are offering a role in firmness.

So it does not lose its quality as mostly softer mattresses lose their standard within a short consuming period. But Endy structure helps it to stand for long-lasting as per its warranty period of ten years.

  • Cover:

The Cover is made of polyester blended stretch fabric. It has textured design and having holes in the pattern of the fabric, so it is breathable and performing role to cooling the warmed mattress. It allows the airflow within the foam layers. It has the softy feeling in touch, it is micro quilted fabric. It is soft, cozy and plush for consumers.

  • Layers:

The first and top layer consists of two inches in height. It is the softer foam layer made of memory foam. It is also called the comfort layer. It is just like any gel memory foam having the density of 4lb.

It is performing the role of sinking the pressure into the mattress. So it is playing the moral role to make it softer and best for side sleepers. As it is the softy and comfort layers, it is performing to contouring the body parts. With the help of this top layer, It will give the relax sleep to consumers everyone can awake happier with a fresh body.

LayersThe second it the transition layer. It consists of 3 inches in height. It is made of poly foam. It is basically helping the mattress to keep the firmness below the comfort layer.

It has a density of 1.8lb. It is giving the compression support to the sleeper. Without this layer, the mattress cannot help to relax the body because it is helping to load the burden of a body.

The third is the base layer of the mattress. It is completely made of 1005 polyester. It has a high density of 1.8lb. The base layer is playing of the foundation of the Endy mattress. It is providing the support to all the above layers. Without the base layer, the mattress cannot stay stronger till its validity period.

It is the qualitative layer construct with high-density polyester. The firm layer is providing the compression support to the above layers. The base structured to help mattress keeping its shape while movement of a sleeper. So with any pressure or motion transfer, it will not lose its durability and would not leave the space. The above two layers are standing on their shape and place because of this strong foundation base layer.

Firmness /Feel /Bounce & Edges support

As we know already till now, that the Endy mattress has less rank in firmness. It is the softer bed. But to test the firmness, we tested it with different pressures.

First, we pressed it with the pressure on the hand. So we felt for its soft and comfort layer. As for its cover and touchy-feely, we got it cozy and breathable. Once we put the pressure on a mattress, it will sink the body into the comfort layer for serving the pressure relief. Also, it feels like contouring to the body.

Then, once you pressed it more with a heavy load it will allow you to feel density layer with firmness. So it is hard to give its firmness level for all. As it will offer you softness or firmness according to your body weight. The people with the light body weight will no longer feel its firmness below the comfort layer. As for them, the firmness will be fine. But for heavy body weights, the firmness will be average.

However, it has done a very good job in the bouncing section. Because of its strong construction, you will not feel stuck into the mattress as it will give freedom to move around the bed and change the positions anytime. Endy mattress is offering all possibilities to its users. Its base layer gives a strong support to a burden.

  • Edges Support eDGE SUPPORT

Edge support is something that you need to focus on while purchasing your mattress. If you have to share your bed with your partner then you need to consume the whole area of the bed. In this way, edge support is needed to support all along. Many foam mattresses are struggling to give the string edges as well as the support of innerspring foam layers. But coming to Endy sleep mattress, we have a fantastic review for its edge support tests.

We tried it first by lying near the side of the mattress. It was support till the edges and supportive to hips and shoulders. We did not feel disturbance while loading the burden on it. It will sink the body into the comfort layer and will contour the body. By lying on the back, we felt well supported near the side of the Mattress.

Now by next, we tried by lying on the side position. Now the pressure of the body becomes higher on the shoulder and back. It was comfortable changing the position on the side. We rolled out over the bed it was comfortable but still it compressed the foam. The Endy was good while lying on the back but it was not so good while lying on the side. As it is softer for its functionality but still it is performing well for edge support.

MotionTransfer & Sleeping Suitability


  • Motion Transfer

Motion Transfer is much sense when you have to share your bed with a partner or any second sleeper. When the second sleeper gets into or out to the bed. It creates some motion transfer within the bed. It can disturb the next person who is still sleeping in the same bed. Motion transfer is also subject to the different weight of a body.

Motion transfer still can happen while turning or tossing in the night. So it is the most sensitive feature to examine especially for the couple. We tested the intensity of the motion transfer with different weights from one side to another side.
We tested it with the weight of 4 lb 8 lb and 12 lb.

With the 4 lb of weight, it was good for creating the motion transfer. We dropped the 4 lb weight into the mattress and personally, we felt it best with this level of weight.

With the weight of 8 lb 12 lb drops, it creates little spikes with the memory foam layer. But as we already well known that it is not firmed mattress. Then this level of disturbance is well expected. So as per its firmness level, We got Endy mattress with a good job.

  • Sleeping Suitability

Sleeping SuitabilityFurthermore, to describe the firmness level and motion transfer, it is also good to review its position changing suitability.

We tried it while lying on three positions as on back, stomach, and side. Lying on the stomach, we feel that it fills the body areas with soft foam and provide contouring to the joints. It spread the pressure to the whole body area and do not pressure on the single sensitive area.

So it was good It gets to sink the body’s pressure points into the memory foam layer so it suits well while having the softer foam mattress. In this portion, I will add here that it will sink your stomach area into the foam. But it is not terrible for lower body weight.

But if you are heavy body person than it may disturb in breathing. The mattress has done a good job for most standard persons. But if you are strict stomach sleeper than maybe it is quite a bad choice only in a condition of the heavy weight of the body.

endy bedWhile lying on the back side of the body. It still comfortable and spread the body weight in a very smooth way. It contours the backbone lower area and you will get much-relaxed body bones after the night sleep.

Then while changing the sleeping positions, its softer foam layer allows you to push the bed in any way and can turn into any position smoothly.

Then we tried it with lying on the side posture, It feels like the pressure concentrated on the hips. Because on the side position the heavyweight comes from the lower area so hips are expected to be sinker into the mattress.

So it is expected for the side sleepers to have high pressure rate into the hips and shoulders but on the side posture, the body stands on these two joints. But as per test with Endy mattress, we did not feel high pressure on these points. It was still comfortable as a soft layer of bed allow these points to sink into the mattress and provide contouring.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for sidestomach sleepers.

Warranty Trial, Return & Shipping Delivery

endy mattresses

  • Warranty

It’s offering ten years of warranty period. It is just as regular as any other mattress company. It is the right warranty period as longer warranty providers are usually becoming unnecessary. Within this 10 years of the warranty period, you can apply for returns for applicable reasons and get to enjoy the advantages of return policies.

The mattress has some terms and conditions for its use which needs to be followed. The mattress has been designed to use on solid structures with polished slats spacing of almost two inches. It is applicable for return within the warranty period for the below kinds of defects.

Variable slumped or depression into the mattress that is more than 1 inch or deeper than it. A proper or bodily defect into the mattress that causes any flaw or injury into the foam layers.

the endy mattressAny manufacturing defect that causes any crack or damage / stuck of the cover or zipper. The smallest issues that are accountable for quality incidents.

The return policy is not applicable to the flaws like;

Any minimum increase of softness in the foam that may not disturb the comfort assurance of mattress. Or do not affect its pressure relieving or sinkage abilities.

These type of things are considered as normal visualization upon the product regular usage. As every materialistic product are subjected to make variations within the consuming period.

Any type of burns, spots, stains, cuts or fabric tear-up that is subjected to owners misuse or removal placements.Any kind of exposure to harsh conditions within the place of settings or mismanaged foundational structure.

Warranties are subjected to those mattress owners who did purchase from directly Endy sales As the warranty is exclusive to only original owners.The mattresses purchases from any unauthorized retailers or agents are not applicable.

The mattress owners are subjected to handle all the return and shipping cost in a condition of any repair or replacement for their faulted mattresses which do not comes in it’s return policies.

  • Trial Period & Return Policy 

endy bedsOffering 100 days trial period just like any other mattress company. They do not ask you to compromise on anything in the condition of low price offers. So you got a plenty of time to test its durability and quality standards.

You have a frank offer to return for 100 percent return within this hundred days of trial period. If you get any dissatisfaction then you are free to contact the service providers for return. The team will suddenly manage to pick up arrangements.

They do not want you to pay efforts for any hassle. Their team will come and pick up the returnable mattress from you. Further, they will decide if that is able to recycle or donate. But you will get the 100% refund with a new mattress or simple you are subjected to get 100% money back return.

Return policies will needs you to take care of some points. It has some points which you need to care about handling the mattress. You are applicable to apply for return if the mattress damages because of any company’s production error. But if it is injured by your side then it will be tested by their quality inspectors.

The mattress should be placed on flat and polished wood bed which do not offer any damage to the cover or foam layers.The mattress should be handled in an organized way and it gets not scooped while the period of settlement into the bed.

  • Shipping & Delivery 

Shipping services are well managed. Most of the mattress has a record of delivery within the three to seven days delivery period. Only the buyers living in remote areas or in rural areas can expect for some longer time.

Endy is offering free of cost shipping services to Canada estates. However, Canadian territories are subjected to pay for shipping charges that would be around CAD 150 only. Canadian territories can email to service providers to get quotations and further details about delivery free and time period.

Endy Mattress Review Conclusion

endy mattress priceThe Endy mattress is coming with a softer memory foam layer. It has the construction of three layers and softer in feel. It is performing well in motion transfer.

The Softer mattress is good for side-sleepers. They have to be noticed for their pressure points while sleeping as for shoulders & hips. These are the stress points for side-sleepers. It is doing very well in this need. So it is best recommended for side-sleepers.

If you are the active couple then it is the best choice. Because it is good performing in two conditions as for edge support and motion transfer. These features are helpful if you are going to use this mattress with your partner.

Endy is good to buy if you are living in Canada. The company is located in Canada and manufacturing all their mattresses in Canada factory. So If you are the residence in Canada then it is best for you to visit their warehouse and choose your mattress. So in this way, you will be much easier for the trial of a mattress and for return policies as well. You are secure with Endy sleep while living in Canada.

Here is once more benefit to buy is, it is coming with the best price than any other mattress in the market. They have a very competitive package. With low prices offer they are offering all others as 100 days trial period and reliable return policies.

Endy Mattress Company Information

Company History

Endy was established in 2015.

Contact Endy

[email protected] | 1-866-304-3639 | Endy.com

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