EzoBed Mattress ReviewEzoBed Company is actually a large business, which has been flourishing on daily basis due to its fair owners and experienced team.

It brings 65 years of combined experience of the co-workers and the founders in order to provide one of the best mattresses of the world within an affordable range.

Founders: The company was established by Tom Nangle and it was his own idea. He was assisted by his daughters Heather Nangle and Danielle Canache.

” Size & Price Of EzoBed Mattress “

The EzoBed Company offers a number of sizes to its customers. These sizes are related to the differences in density, thickness and the materials present within.

With the modifications made in the past 30 years of its development, the modern technologies such as Gel Introduction, Open Cell Memory foam Technology etc have added to the prices and size of these mattresses.

But, despite the above fact, they are still widely being used on not only the National scale but also the International scale.

They are best represented in tabular form and the Following table shows the various price ranges with respect to the type of mattress and the thickness:
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Detailed EzoBed Mattress Review

The Mattress has been designed in such a distinctive manner that it surpasses all others of its kind and this makes it quite extraordinary. The following table gives the complete knowledge about the various layers:

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Firmness/ Feel/ Bounce & Edges Support

  • Firmness/ Feel/ Bounce: 

These mattresses are designed in a very unique manner. The Company offers a wide variety of Mattresses with different ranges of desired thicknesses and certain densities that allow the Customers, to select the level of firmness, owing to their own demands and determine the strength of the Mattress pertaining to their own will and choice.

Therefore, the contrast among the Mattresses, in terms of their changing composition and thickness has no doubt, made them quite versatile. Their demand has observed a great rise and they are occasionally available and most of the times sold out.

These mattresses have the ability of contouring with the body in a slow manner and keep a memory about the physical features of its users. Hence, it is usually a bit firm and does not bounce like a Spring Mattress, but it may keep a record of the body shape and therefore, adjust itself accordingly, in a unique manner.

  • Edges Support:

 The memory foam mattress offers edge support in a quite different manner. Their edge supports lie in their contouring and this is what makes them unique. Therefore, Their Mattresses are quite firm and do not sag with time. I have been using them for more than a couple of months and they have never failed to impress me or any of my friends who have bought them.

Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability 

Motion Transfer:

Before experiencing the delights, I used to wake up with a start whenever my sister got up for something. This was quite distracting and it used to take a great deal of effort in order to return to my peaceful slumber. At first, I was reluctant to order this memory foam mattress due to its firm nature, hardness and strength but after the affirmation of my Surgeon and kind advice from my friends, I decided to give it a go, ignoring any second thought that was lurking in my mind.

The venture left me flabbergasted and I was so amazed that I shared my experience with all of my friends. Today, the moment I lie in my bed, the EzoBed makes me doze off in a state of undisturbed tranquility.

I suffer no more interference as the mattress absorbs all sort of motions and hence my sleep pattern is perfect these days.

  • Sleeping Suitability 

Usually, if a single person uses the mattress, the mattress will adjust to his body type accordingly, within a couple of months. If he is a side sleeper, he may change the sides after every six months for keeping a balance. On the other hand, no such change over is necessary for a couple or more than one person e.g. two children etc. It solely depends upon the use of the mattress.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, stomach sleepers.

Warranty, Trial & Return Policy

The Company has expressed its readiness to place a 10-year Warranty on its mattresses. Despite the fact that, the customers don’t usually come up with any sort of complaints, the Company offers a wide range of promising products that are not only durable but have satisfied the needs of people like us and the Owners have assured all sort of transparency in their business.

  •  Damage upon Delivery Warranty:

This indeed is a step that makes the company highly reputable. According to this Policy, If the Mattresses are impaired somehow during the Shipping process and are in a blemished or vandalized state when they arrive at any customer’s doorstep, the Company takes full responsibility of this act and allows a replacement by a defined procedure. Following points must be ensured if anyone comes across such a situation:

This indeed is a step that makes the company highly reputable. According to this Policy, If the Mattresses are impaired somehow during the Shipping process and are in a blemished or vandalized state when they arrive at any customer’s doorstep, the Company takes full responsibility of this act and allows a replacement by a defined procedure. Following points must be ensured if anyone comes across such a situation:

  • If the Mattress has appeared in a tapered form and can no longer be utilized, the company would provide a substitute for it without placing any sort of charges on the Buyer.
  • In order to avail the chance of replacement, it is obligatory for the Customer to inform the Company within 36 hours of the arrival of the order, in the form a detailed email which may cover the whole scenario and should include every minor detail. Only then, the Damage upon Delivery Warranty remains intact.
  • It is up to the Company that, whether it decides to repair the damaged item or totally replaces it with a new one. This is, due to the fact that some mattresses won’t be greatly damaged and could be recovered. Therefore, the final decision lies within the hands of the company that how to cope with the situation in a satisfactory manner.

Trial Period & Return Policy:

The Company has never failed to win the title of one of the best mattress companies in the world, owing to a number of astounding reasons. One of the unique features includes the 110 Night Comfort Guarantee Statement. It is explained as follows:

  • This 110 Night Comfort Guarantee is offered by the Company whenever someone buys a new mattress from it. It is a sort of safety check for satisfying the customers in a brilliant way.
  • One very important thing must always be kept in mind. The 110 Night Comfort Guarantee would only apply to that Customer, who will be eligible for it. In order to be applicable, one must have the original mattress during the time when it has to be returned, and it must be undamaged. Apart from that possession of the original invoice, bill or the receipt is also very important.

The 30 Days Trial And Its Complete Explanation:

Every mattress company offers a unique style and outlook in order to meet the standards of the best company. This is also true for the Company in a discussion. It offers a quite different policy than the usual mattress companies. It is described below in detail as follows:

Major Requirement:The major requirement is that in order to enjoy the mattress in a very comfortable manner, a person should constantly sleep on it, on a test basis for about 30 Days at least. This is due to the fact that a person’s body requires some time for adjusting to a new mattress. That is why, the adjustability of the body with the mattress is the key step, without which it would be unable to reveal its true colors.

Purpose:The major purpose of this policy is the implantation of reliability among the Customers and the respective assurance of the fact that they are fully satisfied with the company.

No Refund And No Exchange Before 30 Nights:It may be considered as a drawback by some people, but the major purpose of this act is Building Confidence in the Customers. The Mattress Company never allows the replacements or the refund before the 30 Days Trial Period ends. Therefore, before ordering one should be very careful and the size, thickness, and the other attributes must be properly checked.

Terms of 110 Night Comfort Guarantee Policy:

Following procedure must be followed if someones wish to avail the 110 Night Comfort Guarantee Policy:

Beforehand Notification: In order to avail this bright opportunity, one must inform the company via a proper channel. The most suitable option is sending a mail to the authorities on or before the 110th day of delivery. If it is not sent on time, the chances or refund or exchange will be lost. Writing a formal letter is also a good option.

Return of additional items along with the Mattress: If any sort of additional items has been purchased from the Company along with the Mattress, then it is the sole responsibility of the Customer that he should assure the safe return of all the items to the Company. Any missing item may render the policy noneffective.

The responsibility of Shipping: It is customary for the buyer that in case of a return, he has to arrange for the Pickup, transport and the Shipping back of the Mattress and all other items such as pillows (included in its cost) to the Company.

The responsibility of safe return: The Mattress and all the related items must be in the best possible condition and there shouldn’t be any kind of mark, blemish, stain etc.on them. They should be packed carefully in their original covering with proper tags and any related items. Failing to do so might affect the return or exchange.

100 Percent Return of cost: The Company promises to return the 100 percent purchase price of the mattress let alone the price of shipping but before that, the company carries out a complete analysis that whether the item is in original form or not. Only then it is decided that whether to return the price or not.

The requirement of original form: As mentioned before, the Originality of the products at the time of return matters a lot. If the item is torn, disrupted, damaged or contains stains, burns etc then the policy fails to apply. Therefore, it must be carefully handled during the trial period.

Refund Payment method: The refund is made in a similar manner in which the Purchase is made and is done by crediting the purchase method. Therefore, this makes it quite simple.

Non-Applicable to other items: The other items that may be purchased separately and apart from the purchase of the mattress cannot come under the 110 Day Night Comfort Policy Guarantee. These items include Pillow covers, Bed sheets, Bed Spreads, Protective coverings for the mattress, Protectors, etc.

Availability, Shipping & Delivery

Availability – One of the few drawbacks of  Company is, that, It only offers the sale of its products online. Orders are placed by the customers after they go through the given designs and select them on a random basis according to their needs and personal desires. The designs may be selected from their official site and are further viewed by the customers only on the internet and then the reliability of the product is always in question in such type of situations. Furthermore, Customers may back off and they might show a lack of interest due to unavailability of the product as most of the timers, due to higher demands, the product may be sold out. This creates unrest among the customers who want to order these mattresses on an emergency basis.

Shipping / Delivery- The packages from EzoBed Company are delivered by the World Famous Shipping Company FedEx. It is an American Multinational Shipment Corporation whose headquarters are located in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. It has its networks in a large number of states within the United States and also delivers the International Orders

What Are Some Reasons To Choose EzoBed?

Reasons To Choose EzoBed
Open Cell Memory Foam:
The Mattress has developed in such a great manner that it needs very fewer materials for its production. It is very tensile and relieves the customer by its velvety touch. This is due to the fact that it has broken cell walls which allow the fresh air to trap within the spaces and this phenomenon helps me in staying cool during the night. I can’t imagine a better product than this one as it is very comfortable.

Affordable Price Ranges: EcoBed mattress is, in fact, the best option for those who want a fluffy mattress within an affordable range. The price varies with two major factors i.e. Bed Size and Mattress thickness. The price usually varies from $ 138.99 to $ 530.99 and is quite reasonable as compared to other Open Cell Memory foam mattresses.

Recyclable: The company has introduced its Remove and Recycle policy according to which those mattresses that would be returned by the customers within 110 days after some use, would be donated to the poor people and the older ones would be sent to the recycling center in order to reproduce some other products from them. This is a very appreciable step by the country which has impressed me a lot.

Effective In Reduction Of Back Pain: Due to the load of work in the past few months, I was constantly experiencing back pain. When I discussed this matter with a Surgeon, he recommended me to change my mattress from Spring type to the Memory foam type. Therefore, I followed his advice and within a few days, the pain was reduced to a greater extent. Eventually, I got rid of it forever. The effects were quite magical.

Suitable For All Age Groups:
There are a number of sizes available which are suitable for all age groups. Sizes like TWIN, TWIN XL and FULL would be perfect for the teens, guests and single adults while, the KING size or QUEEN sized mattresses would be best suitable for a couple.

Fire Resistant: The Company has assured the customers about the safety of its products and has rendered them fire resistant. Therefore, I feel quite safe while using it at my home.

Resistant To Insect Action And Microbial Activity: One of the major problems that occur with mattresses is the presence of different type of insects such as mites, bugs and the microorganisms that cause a lot of health hazards and make it difficult to fall asleep. I proudly confess that I haven’t faced any such problem after I have switched to this mattress as they guarantee a natural resistance to such things.

Eco-Friendly: Their mattresses are certified by the Non-Profit Certification Program CertiPUR-US which assures that these products are Eco-friendly and don’t result in the degradation of the environment in any way. They lack the presence of dangerous heavy metals like Lead and Mercury, ozone depleters such as CFC-12 and harmful chemicals like formaldehyde whose presence may cause burning of eyes, nose etc, nausea and skin damage. Therefore, they are quite suitable for homes.

Affiliation With The Individual’s Body Form: It has played a vital role in giving a free hand to its customers to decide about its breathtaking qualities and to enjoy them to their fullest extent, free of cost within the trial period of 110 days. This step has attracted a number of customers and has the company has never failed to fulfill their demands. One of my friends, who had ordered it after my recommendation, stated that the mattress had completely adjusted with her body within weeks and she couldn’t get a more peaceful sleep anywhere else.

Reliable And Long-Lasting: One of the reasons for selecting their Mattress was the durability of the product and the company’s 10 years warranty of their mattresses. This shows that this company has put a lot of effort into satisfying the customers like us who prefer a safer and luxurious lifestyle within an affordable range. Apart from that, the company also donates a mattress after the purchase of 10 mattresses, which itself is a noble deed.

Reduced Packaging: I was amazed to find out that the mattress was gently packed in a small package that was very light to carry and required no proper handling.


EzoBed Mattress Review – Conclusion

I would sum up my review of EzoBed Company in the following manner:

Its been quite a while since I have started using the EzoBed mattress and so far my experience has been wonderful. I wasn’t expecting such a lively sleep before its use. It is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, easy to set up and very comforting. I truthfully declare it to be a good choice and my family and friends are also satisfied with it.

No doubt, every coin has two sides and both are never the same. There might be some things that may displease the customers like; damaged product, late delivery, firm nature etc. But all these factors are resolved by the company’s wonderful policies. Therefore, the company’s products are safe, durable and reliable on all levels. Therefore, they are worth buying and are in fact the best option for attaining a peaceful sleep pattern.



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