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Leesa vs Endy Mattress Comparison 2019

Sleeping is the basic human need which should be fulfilled in order for a healthy life. Therefore mattress plays an important role in the comforting sleep.

The right type of mattress gives you full comfort and sound sleep. In order to guide you, we have compared Leesa vs Endy Mattress and their review is as follow.

Leesa vs Endy: Quick Overview


Firstly coming on Endy it is a Canadian mattress brand. It provides a mattress of different sizes. But Endy limits themselves by providing the same type of mattress for everyone.

However, Endy is purely a Canadian brand as the manufacturing of their mattresses are done in Canada too.

It is relatively new as it started in 2015. Through the time Endy has become the favourite mattress of the people and the firmness level of their mattress is considered the best.

These are basically foam based mattress and they provide the ultimate sleeping experience to the user.

These mattresses are easy to carry as they come in the box so those boxes are very easy to move. Currently, Endy is facing tough from other brands like Leesa.


Now coming on Leesa it is basically an American mattress brand greatly known for their CSR. Because they donate one mattress every time on the sale of 10 units.

They produce comforting mattress we the same firmness level for all. Basically, they provide a universal mattress for everyone. These are basically mixed foam mattresses.

Leesa mattresses provide comforting sleep to the user by different layers of their mattress. As compare to other memory foam mattress they provide the best quality and support. Plus these mattresses are also easy to carry.

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Leesa vs Endy Mattress Comparison

Company Overview 



Launched in year 2015 2014
Availability Canada USA, UK, Canada, Germany
Manufactured in Canada USA
Trial period 100 nights 100 nights
Warranty 10 years 10 years
Price (queen size) $850 CAN $995 CAN
Green Policy None BCorp certified
Social Responsibility Returned mattresses are donated Returned mattresses are donated

Leesa vs Endy: Pros & Cons

Endy Pros and Cons

The benefits of buying this mattress is that it comes in a price point that is affordable for the user. As compared to others it’s less priced. The motion isolation is very good and the movements are absorbed very well on this mattress.

The mattress comes in box packing that is easy to carry and move. Also the free shipping at such low price is an amazing benefit they are providing to the user.  As it furthers act as a cost advantage for the user.

The mattress is budget friendly due to no shipping cost and less price. Also the company the user to check the mattress by 100 nights trail period. The drawback of this mattress is it is too soft for some users who prefer firmness. Speaking about firmness the other drawback is that is comes in one firmness level for all users.

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Pros Cons
Reasonable price No firmness change
Good motion isolation Too soft
Easy to carry 
Free Shipping
100 night trial period

Leesa Pros and Cons

The Leesa mattress has good motion isolation it absorbs the motion very well and it is very good for couples. Also the mattress is constructed in such a way that it allows the air to pass through it. This is the reason why it provides cool sleeping experience to the user.

These mattress come in packing that are easy to carry and can be shifted easily. So if you change places a lot this mattress is best for you as it is easy to carry.

The mattress is cost effective firstly but it also gives free shipping to the users. So more benefit for the user. The cons of this mattress are firstly the odor issue. Due to off gassing of this mattress the user might experience some odor coming from this mattress.

This is due to the material used in the manufacturing of this mattress. Also the one firmness for all sleepers is a major drawback of this mattress as people prefer different type of firmness level.

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Pros Cons
Good motion isolation Odor  issue
Cooler sleep Less options
Easy to move
Free shipping in USA and Canada

Type of Sleeper Is Best Suited for?

The Leesa mattress is best for sleepers who prefer neutral foam feel as this mattress is made from foam. Leesa is best suited for people who prefer sleeping on their sides or stomach. It is also good for the people who sleep on their back.

The mattress is best for average sized people but not good for large people. So if you are of average weight and size this mattress is best for you as it supports all sleeping positions.

 The Endy mattress of the other hand is best for people who want great comfort as it has a comforting layer. It is a softer mattress so people who sleep on their side and back would love to sleep on this mattress due to its soft feel.

The mattress is not suggested for heavy people as it might not provide the ultimate comfort to them. But it’s best for average weight people. The mattress is good for all sleeping positions but is its rated fair for people who sleep on their stomach due to its firmness.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, stomach sleepers.

Leesa vs Endy: Cover & Layers 

The Endy and the Leesa mattress are both combination foam mattress and they are only available in one type of option. The main difference between both the mattresses is the different types of foam used in the layers and the formation of the mattress.


The Endy mattress consists of three layers.

  • The first layer which is the top most layer is made up of comfort foam. This layer in 2 inches thick and it provides the sleepers with the perfect hug and tends to provide the comfort that sleepers require while sleeping.
  • The second layer of the Endy mattress is made of polyurethane foam. This layer is 3 inches thick and works as the transitional layer as it is in between the comfort and the support layer. This layer also works as the support system of the mattress and provides support to the sleeper.
  • The third layer of the mattress is made up of polyurethane foam. It is also called as the foundation layer of the mattress. This layer is 5 inches in thickness and provides the mattress with its structure and support.

The cover of the Endy mattress is white on the top and grey on the sides. The top is quilted. The cover of the Leesa mattress is also white and grey in color and it is very soft in feel. The cover cannot be machine washed, however it is removable and spot cleaning is possible.


The Leesa mattress is also made up of three layers.

  • The first layer of the mattress is 2 inches in thickness and is made up of Avena foam. This layer is designed to provide comfort to the sleepers. It also provide airflow and the bounce required.
  • The second layer of the mattress is made up of memory foam. This layer is also 2 inches in thickness. This layer provides the sleepers with more comfort and also gives the body a contour which allows the maximum level of comfort. 
  • The final layer or the foundation of the mattress is made up of polyurethane foam and it is 6 inches in thickness. This layer provides support and does not allow the sleeper to sink too deep in the mattress. This layer is very important for the support of the mattress. 

The cover of both Endy and Leesa mattresses are made from polyester and Lycra. However, the cover of Endy mattress is washable while the cover of Leesa mattress cannot be washed. 

Cover and Layers Leesa Endy
Mattress height 10 inches 10 inches
Number of Layers 3 3
First Layer Endy Foam

2 inches

Avena foam

2 inches

Second layer Polyurethane foam

3 inches

Memory foam

2 inches

Third Layer Polyurethane support foam

5 inches

Support foam

6 inches

Cover material Polyester, Lycra Polyester, Lycra
Washable Yes No

 Motion Isolation & Edge Support

Leesa mattress provides good edge support as the person sitting on the edges does not sink in. The construction of this mattress is such that it provides decent edge support to the user. Also, the mattress is very good in motion isolation. The movements on the mattress are absorbed very well due to its surface. So it’s a good mattress for the couple too. 

Endy mattress has excellent motion transfer due to the material used in the comforting layer. The movement on this mattress is absorbed. And the motion is isolated very well in this mattress. So the people having a problem with the movement of their partner are suggested to use this mattress. Also, this mattress comes with good edge support as the mattress has a good structure.

Firmness, Price, Shipping & Warranty

The Endy mattress is rated as to be a medium firm mattress and it gives the body the perfect and hug and the contour that is required for a comfortable sleep. The mattress is rated to be 6.4 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

On the other hand the Leesa mattress is soft to medium in firmness. The mattress is to be 4.3 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The Leesa mattress also give the sleeper a hug, but it is more than the Endy mattress hug. 

Feel and Firmness Endy Leesa
Firmness Level Medium Soft
Firmness 6.4 out of 10 4.3 out of 10
Edge Support 4.3 out of 10 7.3 out of 10
Motion isolation 6.9 out of 10 6.1 out of 10
Bounce 2.5 out of 10 3.6 out of 10

Leesa vs Endy: Price, Shipping and Warranty 

Price Endy Leesa
Twin $675 $790
Twin XL $700 $890
Double $775 $1090
Queen $850 $1290
King $950 $1450
Cal King $950 $1450

Comparing the prices of Endy and Leesa, it is obvious that the prices of Leesa mattresses are higher. The prices of Leesa mattresses are much higher and some shoppers might prefer to buy the cheaper alternative. 

Shipping, Trial and Warranty Endy Leesa
Shipping Cost None None
Shipping Time 3-10 days 2-8 days
Trial period 100 nights 100 nights
Warranty 10 years 10 years
Refund 100% 100%
Additional Costs None None

Both Endy and Leesa provide free shipping on the customer doorstep once the order has been placed. The shipping time of Leesa mattress is less than Endy.

The trial period and the warranty period for both the mattresses is same, 100 nights for trial and 10 years for the warranty. No additional costs are to be paid for refund as the company collects the defected mattress themselves. Moreover, both the companies give a 100% refund.

Leesa vs Endy Mattress Comparison – Conclusion 

When comparing both the brands in terms of firmness, motion isolation, edge support, comfort, prices, Endy is better than Leesa.

As Leesa mattress is on a more soft side, the hug it provides might be too much or some sleepers, however, Endy provides the perfect hud and the body contour. The overall comfort of the Endy mattress is better.

Moving on, the cover of the Endy mattress is washable so individuals can always have a clean mattress cover, but Leesa mattress cover is not washable.

When comparing the prices, Leesa might be just too expensive. As there is a whopping $440 difference between the brands queen size. It is can quite too much.

The motion isolation of Endy is also better. This means that individuals using Endy mattress can sleep without disturbing their partners.

The bounce of Endy is also less than Leese, which is preferred more. In the overall scenario, Endy mattress is better than Leesa mattress in most of the aspects.

Eve Company Information Leesa Company Information
Company History: Eve was founded in 2012. Company History: Leesa was founded in 2014.
Physical Stores: Eve does not operate any brick-and-mortar showrooms.
Physical Stores: Leesa operates two brick-and-mortar showrooms – nicknamed ‘Dream Galleries – in the SoHo area of New York City and in Virginia Beach. Additionally, Leesa mattresses are sold at West Elm and Pottery Barn stores across the country.
Corporate Address:169 11th StreetSan Francisco, CA 94103
Contact Email: 1-800-383-3994 (available from 9am to 6pm PST) | sleepeve.com
Contact Leesa: [email protected] | 1-844-335-3372 (1-844-33LEESA) | Leesa.com
Find Eve on Social:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Find Leesa on Social:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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