nectar mattress review

The Bottom Line

  • Being an affordable mattress, it offers much for its price. It has been made up for giving you the feel and comfort of memory foam, and built-in cooling gel layers help to keep you cool throughout the whole night.
  • The fabric used to make mattress is carefully woven to provide airflow so that heat does not get trapped in while you are sleeping on it.
  • The cover of the mattress is of Tencel which promotes airflow thereby allow cool feel while lying.
  • Firmness level is not too soft or too hard it is appropriate and can provide comfy support to your body.
  • For couples having a difficult time while sleeping due to the continuous restlessness of their partner, it offers a peaceful sleep throughout the whole night by minimizing the motion transfer.

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Detailed Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress reviewNow getting into the Detailed Review Of Nectar Mattress. Nectar Sleep offers a single mattress with so many benefits and comfort offered. Nectar is an online distributor for mattresses and not having any brick and mortar stores. Nectar being solely an online provider as it provides attractive features to satisfy its customers.

Being an affordable mattress, it offers much for its price. It has been made up for giving you the feel and comfort of memory foam, and built-in cooling gel layers help to keep you cool throughout the whole night.

Providing the perfect contour to your body, you’ll feel like sleeping on a pillow type comfy thing, but under the top layer, a firm mattress supports your whole body. I bet you cannot find such a marvelous mattress at a competitive price even if you search markets.

The fabric used to make mattress is carefully woven to provide airflow so that heat does not get trapped in while you are sleeping on it. Overall it is the best mattress that offers a comfortable and supportive sleeping place to the majority of individuals.

It caters to the need of every type of sleeper whether someone likes to sleep on their back, on their stomach or side sleepers. Everyone enjoys sleeping on it.

Nectar Mattress Size & Price

To enhance the comfortability and support of any mattress, it is imperative to get the right size of a mattress. It also keeps in view the sizes and types of beds and makes the mattress in all variety of sizes to give the customers the freedom of choosing any size. You can get it for any type of bed including:

  • Beds with adjustable bases.
  • Beds with traditional frames.
  • Beds with divan bases.
  • Beds with box spring.

Or you can put it on the floor too which will provide equal support and comfort as if it is placed on the bed. The following are the various sizes available and their prices.

SrSizeMeasurements (inches) 
1.Twin39 x 75
2.Twin XL39 x 80
3.Full54 x 75
4.Queen60 x 80
5.King76 x 80
6.California King72 x 84

The total depth of each size is the same, and that is 11 inches. You can see it is the most affordable mattress ranging from $500 to $900 for a different size. You cannot get any durable mattress of such high quality in this price range.

It also offers the mattress for the ease of customers to get it on six monthly payments. Anyone who is having a fixed source of income can apply for getting the mattress on six monthly installments program.

Your application is reviewed by the concerned department, and if approved you’ll get the mattress, and you have to pay the total price divided in 6 months.

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

Nectar Mattress coverConstruction in anything plays a vital role in making it useful. It lays the foundation for success for a product, and if constructed well it is like for the customers too. You may be wondering how it is constructed to provide so much comfort and support.

The nectar is also constructed keeping in view the support and comfort of the user and consists of a total of five layers including the top cover layer. Each layer is being constructed to serve a sole purpose. Now let’s have a look at the depth and purpose of each layer.

Cover – The cover of the mattress is of Tencel which promotes airflow thereby allow cool feel while lying. And the person who is afraid of bed bugs this cover makes the mattress bugs resistant. It is a soft layer providing extreme comfort. The depth of this layer is 1 inch.

Mattress layers 12nd Layer of Quilted Molly Memory Gel – This layer is destined to provide ultimate support and cooling. The material used in this layer is highly breathable which allows extreme cooling effect and the memory foam type material provides the perfect contouring of our body. Its depth is also 1 inch.

3rd Layer of Gel Memory Foam – This layer is constructed by using Lush foam which is the most premium foam on the market. The purpose of this layer is to relieve pressure and supports body weight. This layer is typically built to allow the individuals were complaining of aches and pains to sleep comfortably. The lush foam used will reduce pain pressure points. It is 3 inches in depth.

4th Layer of Hi Core Adaptive Foam- The fourth layer is made up of Hi Core adaptive foam which provides comfortable contouring of your body and at the same time produces a minimal bounce. This layer is about half an inch to one inch in depth.

5th or Baselayer- Measuring about 6 inches in depth this layer provides the base for the top layers and is highly supportive and durable. Like all other mattresses, its material is breathable which allows proper ventilation.

These all layers combining with the Tencel cover makes its total height up to 11 inches. This height is just reasonable if you want to put it on the floor because it is an appropriate height from the floor not too high and not too low.

Firmness & Edges Support


You can find the number of mattresses and foams in the market offering variable levels of firmness. But you don’t know the firmness level best suited to your body without trying it for some days.

Research says the majority of people love to sleep on the mattress with a firmness level falling between 5 to 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. Nectar sleep mattress knows this thing and incorporates the majority’s choice in their mattress.

The nectar bed falls into the medium firm category and on a scale of 1 to 10, it comes in 5 to 6 number which is like for the average community.

This firmness level is not too soft or too hard it is appropriate and can provide comfy support to your body. Your body does not feel too much sinking in at this firmness level, and the soft, comfy top with supportive malty gel layers works together to provide the best supportive and comfortable area for your body to lie down.

Edges Support:

Edge support is an important aspect which many mattresses and foams but to my wonder when I tried it provides good edge support and minimal compression in comparison to many other mattresses.

If you are sleeping with your partner or you are sitting at the side of the mattress, it is going to provide you firm support necessary to perform your chores while sitting and giving you a sound sleep throughout the night.

nectar bedYou cannot get this type of edge support while lying or sitting on any spring mattress or memory foam. These usually get the sink in too much or sag down making it uncomfortable.

Motion Transfer & Edges Support

Motion Transfer:

Sleeping with a restless partner the motion transfer is an important aspect to look for in a mattress. On an ordinary foam or mattress if you or your partner moves, get in and out of bed, or changes sleeping positions frequently the other one might get disturbed easily. But it does a great job here by preventing motion transfer through the mattress to your partner.

You can change positions or get in and out of bed without interrupting your partner’s sleep. It reduces the motion transfer to minimal so that your partner can sleep comfortably no matter how much you move on the mattress. Nectar beds are a kind of gift for restless sleepers and the partner of a restless sleeper.

Sleeping Position Suitability:

I have tried many mattresses before trying out nectar and come up with the review that it provides a platform on which you can sleep in any position with equal support and comfort. Before trying out the mattress, I use to sleep in a single position on my mattress and encounter extreme discomfort in other positions because traditional mattresses are constructed to provide comfort in a single sleeping position.

But it is pretty cool in allowing a diversity of suitability for persons who love to sleep in a different position. You can sleep on your back, on your stomach or your side with equal comfort in all positions.

Sleeping Position Suitability
In every position, your pressure is relieved by the underlying molty gel layers, and you feel like sleeping on a pillow top with the firm base for supporting your body. The bulky stomach sleeper can also sleep comfortably as their tummy is well supported by the mattress.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for sidestomach sleepers.

Nectar Mattress Size Availability 

It is available in a variety of sizes to support the maximum community with various heights. Usually, the tall persons find it difficult to get the mattress according to their height, and most of the time their feet and legs are hanging out of the mattress while sleeping.

The traditional mattresses do not come in such a variety of sizes so if you are a tall person you can try out it’s California king size. I am sure it will cater your height needs while sleeping very well and you can enjoy an ugly sleep throughout the whole night will be too soft for firm mattress sleepers

Why To Love Nectar Mattress & Why To Avoid?

nectar mattress amazon
The mattress is constructed to cater to the sleeping needs of almost every individual. I tried it too and fell in love with the quality of the mattress with the additional offers of trial and warranty.

You will love it if you:

  • Love memory foam but don’t want to be disturbed by extra sinking and heat up problems of memory foam. It is built carefully to exclude these problems in which user experience while using memory foam.
  • You want to get a cool refreshing sleep throughout the night. It uses a breathable material in all its layers which constantly works to give you a cool feel.
  • Have a bed and don’t want to change? Don’t worry it offers you the mattress that can be well fitted in many types of beds.
  • If you are a side sleeper then it accommodates you well than any other mattress by relieving pressure and at the same time providing firm support.
  • They are tired of bed bugs and finding no way to eliminate them. The mattress has a top Tencel cover which is bug resistant and repels the bed bugs so you can stay safe from bugs easily without doing anything.

You May Dislike it If:

Many people are used to sleeping on the firm mattress or spring mattress. They don’t get used to the feel and comfort they offered, so some people may not like it because they are:

  • Used to spring mattress and love the bounce. It is not as bouncy as a spring mattress. So, you may not like it at the start. But I am sure that once you have started to sleep on it you’ll love the feel it provides while sleeping.
  • Used to sleep on a firm mattress than nectar mattress is not for you. It is the medium firm which will be too soft for firm mattress sleepers.

Warrenty & Other Information

It is only an online mattress provider that offers a lifetime warranty for its mattress. Being committed to the durability of the product it provides a lot of freedom to replace new mattress free of cost within the first ten years of buying if it gets damaged or defective.

After ten years onwards it provides free repair and maintenance of the mattress providing the transportation free of the servicemen is provided. And after ten years of usage, the nectar also provides the choice option.

In this, you can get a whole new mattress at a 50 percent cost if your mattress is damaged or you don’t want to give your damaged mattress back. You can also get a free one-time replacement for your mattress top Tencel cover if you want to change it.

I am sure you cannot find these benefits with any mattress provider and no manufacturer is confident and committed enough to provide a lifetime warranty on their products.

Being confident about their product it offers the customers to have a 365-days trial experience of a comfy sleep. If you don’t find a mattress according to your needs, you can return the mattress and get a 100 percent money refund.

I did not find a mattress offering such a lengthy trial with the full refund policy. According to the research, the return with this whole year trial sleep comes out to be only 3 percent which is insignificant.

It means that the mattress is one of the most used and loveable products among the US community. And with this 365-days trial and return policy, and assured of a good mattress is already proven.

It is purely a US-based, and till now it only ships its mattresses throughout the whole US. It ships the mattress from Washington D.S to any US state.

You just have to order, and your mattress will arrive in1 to 5 working days. And delivery is free of cost if your location is in any of the continental US. The product comes packaged in a box, and it takes a few minutes to set up and gains its size once it is pulled out of the box and placed in the desired place.

Company Information

Nectar was launched in 2017.

[email protected]  |  1-888-863-2827 (1-888-8NECTAR) |

Nectar Mattress Review - Conclusion

nectar mattress reviewAfter trying out this mattress with unique qualities I have come to the point that it is the best mattress that I have used till now. You cannot get any mattress with such impressive quality and durability throughout the US.

It is much cheaper than other competitors who are offering the same benefits and features but at a much higher price. You can keep it on your list of top picks if you are up to getting a new mattress for your room.

It is going to be a comfy addition to your bedroom.  With so many comfy features and a supportive base with the soft top covering it can be used by thin lean persons or bulky persons with the same level of comfort and support.

For couples having a difficult time while sleeping due to the continuous restlessness of their partner, it offers a peaceful sleep throughout the whole night by minimizing the motion transfer.

On-time delivery and highly responsive customer service played an important part in customer satisfaction and likeness by the users. Within a short time, nectar has gained popularity throughout the US. Just give it a try, and I am sure you’ll love sleeping on it.


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