Zinus Mattress Review 2019

zinus mattress reviewsIf you are worried about moving your mattress from one place to another, then Zinus mattress is a great option for you. Zinus Mattresses are easy to maintain as 2 to 3 times rotation from head to foot is needed to minimize wear in a year.

This makes this model very effective and special Moving of mattress from one place to another is not such a difficult task due to its less weight as 135lbs. whereas spring mattresses are heavier than foam mattresses of equal thickness.

Zinus mattress is considered good for its cooling effect due to its gel infused property.

Look for the warranty of the mattress. 10 years’ warranty is happy news for quality and price conscious people. A customer can satisfy his queries as a large number of reviews, remarks, and comments are there on Zinus website.

” Zinus Mattress Size & Price “

All these sizes are available for the customer to enjoy sound sleep within a variety of affordable price range. Off and on promotions make it easier for the customers to enjoy a reasonable discount on all or limited products. In this, they can save money and get the authentic product.

Detailed Zinus Mattress Review

When I ordered my Zinus Mattress I was more nervous than excited about the Construction and outer cover of the mattress but to my astonishment, all the things were perfectly balanced and according to the company’s description.

  • Cover:

The outer cover of the Zunis Mattress is made up of the environment-friendly rich knitted fabric that adds to the overall beauty and expensive look of the mattress. Other than this, the outer covering matters a lot for keeping the inner layers of mattress cleaner and look charming.

The Zinus mattress is certiPUR certified, which means that it is free from flame retardants and formaldehyde that are the toxic materials roaming around in nature.

Most of the people complain about some of the undesired odors and strange unpleasant smell which are experienced while unpacking the new mattresses of other brands but I had noticed nothing like that in this mattress.

It is basically infused with the green tea and castor oil so every kind of strange smell or odor is out of the question. I myself didn’t notice anything like that so you can feel free to buy Zinus Mattress as it is the best choice available in the market.

The mattress is wrapped carefully in a luxury cover that is actually a toxic-free knitted fabric. Its glamorous look makes it worthy of its price.

  • Layers 

As Zinus Mattress is under my close observation and in constant use so I can review its construction as depending on the different layers it has.

Each type has its unique features and ultimate characteristics. It is not a single-layered mattress but contains the thick texture in each of the four layers which are responsible of providing the comfort to your body and releasing the pressure along with the durability and reliability which it offers.

These different layers provide maximum comfort and pressure relief, in addition, to support and motion transfer.

  • Combination of different density layers ensures the long-term durability of 10 years.
  • Zinus Mattress Company is generous enough to offer free shipping.
  • It is best for the side, back or stomach sleepers. I had ultra-plush some three years ago before my happy encounter with Zinus. That ultra-plush later made me suffer from backaches.
  • It is good for people with tight and light sleep modes. It provides you undisturbed sleep for the whole night without noticing any motion transfer of your partner.
  • These 4 layers of different densities are sufficient enough to provide you Durability of the mattress.
  • These 4 layers of 12” provide you extra comfort and pressure relief while sleeping at night or taking rest during daytime.
  • Densities of different layers offer maximum edge support and relaxation to the body curves that ensure complete soothing sleep experience at night.

Firmness/ Feel/ Bounce & Edge Support

  •  Firmness/Feel/Bounce:

Zinus mattress is a preferred mattress for required firmness and feel of average customers’ satisfaction. It is more firm than other spring mattresses available in the market, but softer than others.

After 3 years of daily all time use, I still feel the same softness while sleeping like sleeping on a cloud. When I press my hand on the mattress to feel the bounce, it returns to its original position within the fractions of seconds, which guarantees its firmness and ensures you to absorb any disturbance.

To test its firmness whenever I put some edibles in a plate and my kids jump on the bed, the plate does not drop. It clearly indicates the true firmness of the mattress. Like me, you will also experience the solid sleep as the company claims.

Sleeping on Zinus mattress is like experiencing a pain-free sleep interval so it is a good recommendation for people suffering from back pain and is frustrated enough from sleeping on solid hard floors.

Zinus mattress does not let you in like sinking in the sand rather it makes you feel comfortable on a firm base. I suggest to experience the sleep on Zinus mattress and enjoy the pain-free sleep even after 8 hours’ continuous sleep.  For quality-conscious people, it is an excellent choice as it is good for the worth of their money. Quality, comfort, and durability are the three important points which you can get in the same box.

It provides maximum bounce when I sit or lay on the Zinus mattress. First, it lets me sink for fractions of seconds, lets me quickly change my position or roll on the bed so its bounce quality is worth mentioning.

  • Edge Support: 

Zinus mattress is a good return of your hard earned money. I am big enough for my age so do all my family members. This bed offers me maximum edge support if I talk about 12-inch size, still, 10 inch is also good enough. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience of other sizes. Different densities of four layers provide maximum edge support and do not let you tilt or drop on the floor.

While you sit at the side or in the center Zinus Mattress offers you desired softness and perfect bounce which you need to sit in.   Edge support is maximum for light and average weight people but for heavyweight people, it is not sufficient, still, it is good enough to keep you at your place.

As the time passes or due to wear it may be difficult for heavy’s people to get sink into the mattress while shifting side or sitting on the bed but this is not with average weight people. People with 230lb + weight must not buy below 10” thickness mattress as it will not support edge support.

While enjoying some naughty time with your partner Zinus Mattress gives you the required liberty to move around, roll aside and maximum pressure at some specified area. Zinus Mattress is a good choice for couples as supports the Bounce quality so both partners feel good at the time of pleasure or routine time.

Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability

  • Motion Transfer:

All available sizes of Zinus mattress have a built-in property to absorb motion transfer jerks.

Most of the couples complain about their sleep disturbance due to the motion transfer of their partner. It is quite obvious for a sleeper to change side or roll on the bed but if the mattress is not a hybrid type then this motion transfer can disrupt the sleep of the partner.

As I have been sleeping on Zinus mattress for the last 3 years and I never ever notice my partner’s motion transfer. It is due to the different densities as these layers absorb my or my partner’s movements. So for the enjoyment of deep and undisturbed sleep for the whole night, I recommend you to go for the purchase of this mattress.

Zinus Mattress is a mattress of hybrid foam so disturbance due to motion transfer is totally out of question. Due to its minimum-motion transfer quality is becomes the first choice of couples or love birds.

I less likely feel the turning and tossing of my partner at night so I strongly recommend others not to hesitate and take a firm decision and buy a Zinus mattress of your preferred thickness.

  • Sleeping Suitability: 

I am a back sleeper while my partner has a weird habit of rolling on the mattress while sleeping, but Zinus Mattress is good enough to handle our different sleeping patterns. I am quite conscious of my sleeping preferences. In Zinus Mattress springs are magical elements, these are responsible to respond to everybody curve and pressure points.

On Zinus Mattress I daily enjoy undisturbed and deep sleep which is due to its firmness and solid densities so my shoulders and hips are placed in a comfortable place without getting tired.

It offers my spinal cord a perfect place of the neutral state of balance too I enjoy a night sleep full of comfort and sweet dreams. Zinus mattress is specially designed for a blissful sleep time experience.

It is equally good for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers so people with all sleeping preferences can take benefits of full blessing of night comforts at night. As everyone has his own sleeping pattern but some restless souls have the combination of all sleeping patterns. They can also get maximum comfort while sleeping on Zinus mattress.

If you are suffering from back pain or sprained muscles, then Zinus Mattress is the ultimate solution of all of your problems. It does not let you sink in your sleeping position and provides you proper space with complete bounce so it is good for all your bodily problems. Zinus Mattress is good for keeping body temperature at a comfortable level.

Some people complain about the extra hotness of their mattresses I myself was suffering some hot flashes during night time and had to wake up to drink water or get some fresh air. But after the purchase of Zinus Mattress, I never ever wake up due to hot flashes as my mattress is quite cool enough to let me enjoy quality sleep time of 6 to 8 hours.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, stomach sleepers.

Warranty & Shipping Delivery

Users of Zinus mattresses may face problems to change or refund of mattresses due to the following reasons of

  • Improper foundation or frame
  • Soiling, staining and fluid penetration
  • Sagging

So users of Zinus mattresses are advised to use proper frames and foundations for the long life of their mattresses.

  • To protect the mattresses from staining, soiling, and fluid penetration, mattress protector or pad is advisable to use.
  • Zinus Company does not replace or refund the product in case of minor sagging.
  • The company offers 10 years’ warranty for all of the mattresses while in case of spring mattress the steel frame has a warranty of 5 years.
  • FedEx Ground is a partner of Zinus for the shipping of product and this service is totally free of cost.
  • FedEx offers a unique facility of providing a tracking number once the product is handed over to the carrier so the customer can trace the trait of his product. But the order needs 2-3 business days to be processed and then tracking number be allotted.
  • Zinus has full refund policy within 100 days, but the product must be in good condition. There must not be any unpleasant smell, stain or drool.
  • All paperwork, parts and other accessories are required for the full credit before refund.
  • Amazon is also an active partner for the free delivery of Zinus products. Customers have the option to select the delivery mode from their favorite delivering company that is either FedEx or Amazon.

 The Mattress Is Best If:

The Mattress Is Best If
For durability concerns, Zinus Mattresses are very good as they do not prone to sagging or loss of support.

As Zinus Mattresses provide pressure relief to below an average weight person so pretty good for you to relax your body after a day’s labor if you are average weight person. Zinus Mattress provides relief for a backache due to layered densities.

Due to spring or foam, Zinus Mattress is good for edge support and do not let you sink into the foam. Due to Castor oil and Green tea infusion, there is no initial odor or unpleasant smell. I didn’t notice any type of odor while unpacking the mattress box.

This is a heavy person friendly mattress so a good news for all heavy persons like me. Zinus Mattress is successful to win ‘A’ rating from BBB that clearly defines its quality, performance, and popularity.

I never ever experience any noise while turning sides, sliding over or enjoying pleasure time with my life partner.

 The Mattress Is Not Best If:

You are a heavy person of more than 230lbs then Zinus is not a good choice. As it is a mattress with maximum firmness and pressure so many of users with side sleeping pattern complain about occasional pains.

Zinus foam mattresses offer softness that is the main reason behind many cases of back pains while sagging in spring mattresses is the main cause of back pain. With the passage of time as wearing starts so heavy person may feel sinking and feel the difficulty while moving on the mattress.

Zinus Company claims its products odor free still many unsatisfied customers, 1 in 8, complain about some initial odor. This is not ready to sleep mattress. It requires one-day time to properly inflate. So a customer has to wait for the proper filling of air.

I found some of the customers’ comments regarding improper sizes and insufficient filling of air. Zinus Spring Foam of maximum size needs support and help of other persons for the unpacking and installation of the mattress.

Zinus offers only 30 days’ free refund period that is not sufficient enough as most of the other companies offer 100 days’ trial time.

Zinus Mattress Review – Conclusion

As a satisfied customer I strongly recommend the purchase of Zinus Mattress a profitable deal with all valid reasons. In terms of durability, comfort, quality, and presentation Zinus Mattresses are the best.

All persons with their special sleep preferences can satisfy their sleep need as al- purpose mattresses are available easily.

Zinus Mattress Company Information

Company History – Zinus was founded in 1979 as an outdoor products company; it transitioned to mattresses and other ‘interior comfort products’ in 2003. The company’s manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China, completed construction in 2014.

Corporate Address 1951 Fairway Drive, Suite A
San Leandro, CA 94577-5643

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